Saturday, 18 March 2017

Good Enough To Eat

One thing we really love about pinup fashion is how yummy it always look!

You have your cherries, and apples, and pineapples, exotic and not so exotic fruit seems to be everywhere, and let's not even get started on the milkshakes and pie prints. We really really love food based prints. In fact, we love all novelty prints!

But, since we can hardly make a blog post about all the the novelty print we carry (wait, can't we? Nope, editor says we can't and we should focus), we, khm, decided to go with fruit based prints!

We are especially excited about them because we have something new this year, and we were trying very hard to avoid any puns connected to this print. So, here it is!

Yes, it's lemons. In fact, we like this print so much we are putting it on TWO sets this time, and hope you will like it at least half as much as we do.

What's a pinup gal without cherries? For a while there we got a bit tired of cherries, for about whole five minutes! We promised ourselves that will never ever happen again, and promptly went to pet our cherry print dresses. This gorgeous mix of mint and cherry just looks so fresh and juicy and inviting, the perfect thing for your spring!

One of the more unique prints we've seen lately is this fruit print, and we can't wait to see it on more patterns and garments! The top itself just screams for a pair of sassy capri style trousers to bring out the best in you!

And we are finishing it with this dress with more lemon print. As far as we're concerned, we can't get enough of it. And isn't that little polka-dot trim just the cutest thing ever?

What's your favourite print?
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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Four First Dates

February, the time when all of nature sings of love and.. other things.
There is a certain new hope in the air, the promise of a winter soon over and of longer, sunnier days. What's not to love about it?
We're looking forward to spring, to new beginnings, to young and fresh love, so to celebrate it all, we decided to put together four perfect first date outfits, to inspire you (and us)! 

We're opening with this red and blue number, with black accents. Don't be afraid to mix various shades of one colour, like we did here with blues. They will only serve to complement each other, and the rich, elegant shade of red of this dress

The key to pink is the amount. too much and the first thing people will think is either a popular online feline, or a giggling teenage girl. That's by no means to say that you shouldn't think pink! We added (almost) all pink accessories to this black and pink dress to create a striking and bold, yet alluring set. 

And if you wear your heart on your sleeve, and strut the world proud, why not do it in a red velvet dress? After all, the finest pralines come in a velvet box, and so should your luscious self! Don't be afraid to pair this dress with high heels as the swing of your hips will really make it come alive! 

If elegant, old world style is your preference, and a walk through rainy Parisian streets is your idea of the perfect first date, why not go with this sleek and very late 50's inspired poodle print dress? This dress calls for a somewhat lower heel and simple but striking accessories, such as a heart shaped purse to send the right message. 

What is your idea of a perfect first date? We'd love to hear it! 

Monday, 23 January 2017

New Season Arrivals!

With Blue Monday finally behind us we feel that you should treat yourself to a little something! Red, Purple, Black or Florals we just love the colours of passion combined with pinup!

New in is the Glamorous Velvet 50's Tea Dress, available in deep red, black and purple.  Get set to WOW! the guys and gals in this warm luxurious dress with 3/4 sleeves, keyhole fastening and swing skirt which may I add has pockets!  What's not to love!!

Vintage Rose Pinup Pencil Dress,  wiggle those hips with this beautiful red, pink, blue and peach roses on cream fabric to show off your curves in all the right places. Mix it up with some elegant nude heels, bright red lippy and pinup perfect curls caressing your shoulders.

We just adore the Desirable Black Velvet Dress,  no more hunting for the next little black dress to wear to those afternoon turn evening occasions.  This beaut shows off an impressive flocked leopard pattern, an all time classic retro-style tea dress with a cute shirt collar and scarf neckline. Team with bold coloured heels and a sparkly clutch to add a bit of flair to your Winter Collection.

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