Friday, 13 November 2015

Dotty about dots

The polka-dot pattern is one of the staples of rockabilly and vintage wardrobe. It is both cute and sassy, playful and sophisticated. It can be whatever you want it to be. It is no wonder, therefore that the popularity of the pattern survived centuries and spread across the continents.

But one of its downsides is that sometimes it can look like you are trying too hard to fit the stereotype, or it can make your outfit look like a dress-up costume, especially when it comes to vintage or rockabilly wardrobes.

We have taken four dresses in this beloved pattern, and gave them a twist:

My business is none of yours takes a black and red wiggle dress and makes it office ready with a smart suit jacket, playful kitten heels and a black scarf with a red and white print. We added simple black earrings and matched the lipstick and nail polish to the iPad case.

My business is none of yours

Sugared flower is what happens when we feel extra dainty. The black and pink dress is paired with classical t-strap heels and a gentle pink cardigan. The only nod to modern style are the double sided pearl earrings, which also bring the outfit from the sweet into the sophisticated.

Sugared flower

The Autumn Mistress on the other hand, is a bold, almost aggressive combination.  The black and red dress, the smear of red lipstick mirrored in the earrings and the scarf, the hat, the extravagant belted cape, all speak of a confident woman. We borrowed from the fetish archetypes- long leather gloves and high stiletto heels, to make heads turn and hearts beat just a little bit faster as you pass them on the street.

Autumn Mistress

And sometimes you just want to with the (almost) classics. The iconic black and white polka-dot dress got a bit of a lift, and not only by adding a petticoat.  We added shades of silver and glitter to the makeup and accessories  to give it an extra spark, and kept the lipstick nude to draw all attention to the eyes.

Moon-lit shadow-kissed

Don't forget you can also view all our sets in detail on our Polyvore page!
We'd also love to hear from you about your favourite polka dot combinations!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Does Halloween make you scream?

It seems we just can't get enough of Halloween here at Rockabilly pinup!
First we presented you with a few sets of Halloween costumes, and now we are back with even more Halloween ideas!

This time, however, we will not be giving you costume ideas, but wardrobe suggestions inspired by Halloween.

Not all of us like to dress up, or can, due to work or classes or a million other reasons, but we still want to celebrate Halloween in our own special way.

This is why we created these sets, to sneak Halloween into your everyday, and to have an outfit that you can walk out of in the office, and walk in to a party!

The Ghoul School is a cute outfit featuring the Horror Gal dress and the sugar skull lunch bag.  We went for the cute side of creepy and accessorised it with blue eyeshadow and a lipstick that screams candy!

Ghoul school

The Flaming bat is a fiery and feisty outfit in red and black. The Bat dress has been accessorised with a small purse, hair flower, and black and red flame pumps that are sure to catch everyone's eye.

Flaming bat

The Golden Death has a spooky name, but the colours are all rich and full! The spider necklace and snakeskin-look boots add that little hint of danger to the dress, while the golden lipstick gives you an otherworldly glow.
Golden Death

And finally, the Graveyard Queen. You can dress her up or down by adding ghoulish tights and macabre accessories, but we recommend the bright red lipstick and the skeleton finger heels for that little bit of extra Halloween spirit!

Graveyard queen

For all links of items shown in the images please view all sets on our Polyvore.  Get 15% off your order placed before the end of October 2015 with coupon code RPBHW15.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Rockabilly Party Dresses

With P-A-R-T-Y season fast approaching we have put together a simple shopping list for you to get your glam on.  Think florals, metallics, bold prints and fitted dresses with enough flare to twirl around the room.  We have chosen turquoise, purple, silver and black colour themes as they tend to suit any skin tone and figure.

First up is the utterly romantic Moonlit Ophelia 1950's dress by Lindy Bop featuring a stunning enchanting floral forest print. An intense shadowy purple leafy base on a black background which is overlaid with flowers shimmering in the moonlight, while forest beetles, bees and moths add character to the print.

The Lady Vintage Teal Butterfly Hepburn Dress was made for hourglass figures with its high neck and nipped waistline trimmed with a black suede belt, subtle and classic to suit any occasion  it flares just below the knee.

Sophisticated and charming Purple Rose Floral Collage by Lady Vintage is a 50s Tea Dress with a bold floral print , it features a flared knee length skirt and a fitted bodice with high neck at the front and a V neck at the back . There's belts attached to the side seams at the waist which are tied into a bow at the back.

Combine each look with some carefully selected accessories and you will be able to recreate various looks throughout the seasons,

Visit for more dresses

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Halloween hollerin'

For some gals Halloween is a chance to show their true colours, while for others it is a time to be someone they admire or just to dress up as someone or something fun.

But where do you find that perfect Halloween outfit?
The choices are plenty when you are a child- almost every supermarket carries a selection of masks and costumes, and as most of them will be covered in candy and dirt by the end of the night, quality isn't really an issue.  But as you grow older, your taste starts to change. You want your costume to fit better, the style to flatter your figure more and you want to look and feel special. Costume rental shops, where available, will probably have something you might like, and the most popular costume choices can be found online in a wide range of styles and prices.

The best costumes, however, are those you design yourself, as they reflect your personality and creativity. To help you on your way, we have created a few suggestions and offer our own twist on these Halloween favourites!

She's my witch! features the Ophelia dress in black, guaranteed to flatter every figure. Ward off those autumn chills with a faux fur shrug, and make sure not to forget your hat! And since all witches need a black cat, we decided on a pair of kitten heels and a mooncat pendant.
She's my witch!

Aye aye captain! is a nautical inspired set for the lady who takes the ship's wheel firmly into her own hands. We paired the anchored skirt with nautical inspired jewelry and a bold red top to show who's really in charge!
Aye aye captain!

All heads turn when this Gunslinger girl wiggles into the saloon!
We were inspired by all those Sunday morning westerns we watched while growing up, and wanted to make a female version of all those tough cowboy cookies!

This Rebel rebel girl  feels more comfortable in a pair of pants than a petticoat! Your style is sharp and your heels crush hearts! Anyone would be lucky to get to ride off with you into the night!

rebel rebel

Who wants to be a princess when you can be a Scream queen? wear your B movies with pride and don't be afraid to go all out! This outfit is definitely not for the faint of heart, or those who don't like the attention!

Scream queen

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Cardi weather

Most people associate rockabilly with long hot summers, skimpy skirts and outdoorsy fun. But what oh what is a vintage gal to do when the colder weather sets in? Why, make a grab for the cardi of course!

We here at rockabilly pinup are big fans of cardigans, as they are not only super stylish, but they also allow us to wear our favourite dresses even as the colder weather sets in. We have a very very hard time parting from our dresses, be they wiggle or swing.

While the weather is still somewhat warm, you can ward off the chill with a nice bolero.....

but as the scent of roasted chestnuts drifts through the crisper air, you might want to grab something that gives you a bit more coverage. Spending autumn in bed with the sniffles is a waste of perfectly dreamy weather!

Pairing a lighter dress with a snuggly warm cardigan and a pair of warmer tights can help it survive the dreaded wardrobe turnover we suffer through every season,

or you can pair a cardi with a wiggle skirt and go for the sassy librarian look (cat eye glasses optional ;) )

And if you, like us, love taking long strolls through crispy leaves, why not grab a pair of wickedly delicious trousers from our sister site and pair them with the naughty and nice peek-a-boo sweater, to keep nice and warm while you enjoy some hot cider ;)

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Ready to Wear Rockabilly Fashion

There is always a little more room in our closet for versatile styles that are ready to wear,  a Wiggle Dress is every girls secret weapon as it suits super skinny or lusty curves and flatters no matter what!

Lindy Bop's  Vanessa Navy Wiggle Dress gives the illusion of longer legs with its dainty polkadot print, skims your hips and thighs creating curves in all the right places and the ruched sweetheart neckline line adds just enough detail for a simply charming look.  

Wear your hair up in an elegant bun or down with soft curls , team with gorgeous makeup, nail colour and  accessories including skyscraper heels (we are loving the Ladder Up Faux Suede navy ones pictured  from US site and delicate swallow necklace and studs as well as a contrasting belt for a streamlined feel. 

Heading out in the cold, then the Angeline Burgundy Coat by Hell  Bunny is just what you need to cover up, available from our sister site,  this warm wool-look fabric is tailored with a black faux fur contrasting high collar and black crocheted lace frill and a bow while the cuffs are also trimmed with fur.

For more easy to wear styles check out

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Rockabilly Fashion Fix

Breathe new life into your wardrobe, with the rockabilly style being one of the easiest to wear and compliment any figure type from school run to office glam.

Grape Knit Cardigan by Banned combines comfort with style making it the perfect everyday staple , team with a pair of black capri trousers from Hell Bunny for a great look.

In need of a summer party dress, check out the Ophelia Black Spring Floral Dress , featuring a beautiful print. The bodice shows off a sweetheart neckline with black ruched cotton bust and flared skirt with side pockets to hide wide hips.

To update your LBD this season, a lace-up Black Brocade Party Dress is the order of the day.

Finally some new arm candy to seal the deal , cute black faux leather handbag with embroidered flowers to keep all your womanly essentials together.

For more ideas visit