Friday, 5 February 2016

Valentine's day is here!

Spring is almost here, kitties and birdies have been singing love songs all day and all night, and we're so happy with warmer and longer days we can't even be upset that we sometimes get robbed of sleep.

It seems that this year we're full of love and warm feelings. So we decided to celebrate, both with a collection of Valentine's day inspired sets, and a special discount for you!
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Everyone should feel their own special brand of love!

With a swish of a black dress and the shimmer of her silk stockings, the Temptress promises unearthly delights. Look closer though, and you'll see the dangers.

The Temptress

This bold red and black dressed girl seems to float a few inches above the ground. Puppy Love makes every girl stand up a bit taller. Just make sure not to catch a cold on your evening walks!

Puppy Love

When love goes wrong, nothing goes right!
And the best cure for being Lovesick, sometimes, is to throw on your leather jacket, some red heels, a sassy top and a pair of tight capris, exchange your red rose for a black one, and pick yourself up again!


Pink and pale blue join together in this lovely dress, just the perfect thing for a romantic outing, or your very own special ForeverAfter
Forever after

Sometimes you just have to put on some rose-coloured glasses and see the world a little sunnier!
Spring roses and gentle pink shades. Everything is sweet and romantic with this cupcake dress!

Rose-coloured glasses

What are your plans for Valentine's day?

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Glam Noir

Ever since we had stories we had the Bad Girls. Those who walked the forbidden paths, those who disobeyed. And even though in the stories they most often ended up being punished, a whole lot of us saw something completely different- courage, power, adventure.  The witches and the girls who ran away from home, the ones straying from the path, they were the ones having the most fun.

And there is no better embodiment of the glamour of the Bad Girl than the one in the vintage era, a black queen in a sea of pastel princesses, the irresistible vamp.

The black rose features a black satin dress, as soft as rose petals, but every rose, of course, has thorns. The spike heels and the ring with the stylised blood drop tell you to beware, but who could resist such a seductive flower?

Black rose

Hellebore seems like a simple flower at first glance, but she hides a deadly secret.  One wrong touch, and you're a goner! The dress is simple, yet elegant, just like the pearl earrings.


Nightshade resents being called deadly. It's not her fault your heart is too weak to handle her.
The slinky, draped dress emphasises the curves, and the accessories borrow their colour from the lush, juicy colour of the plant's fruit.


The gorgeous lady Hemlock will simply take your breath away. She is graceful and elegant, almost delicate. We'd like to say that you won't know what hit you, but as she wafts past you in her satin dress you will catch a glimpse of her telltale deadly jewellery and be forced to face your fate.


Sunday, 13 December 2015

Pure Glamour for the New Year

You might not need an excuse to dress up pretty, but nothing beats New Year's Eve as an excuse to glam it up like the Hollywood divas of the Golden age!  This time we prepared two swing and two wiggle dresses so you can put your best foot forward into the New Year.  And not only that, but each of our Polyvore sets for the Wildest Night is inspired by a yummy cocktail, and comes with a recipe ;)

The Tsunami: There is no other way to call this dresss but eye-catching. It is everything you want in a wild party dress - the fabric shimmers and falls silkily, and the black belt gives just the right accent to your waist. Pair it with a poofy petticoat for maximum effect!

Black Magic is a black lace dress, black lace heels, a feathered headpiece, bold eyeliner, thick lashes for a smoldering look, and, finally, as the crowning piece, black lipstick. Almost too much of a good thing and definitely not for the faint of heart!
Black Magic

Ruby Shimmer features one of the most flattering dresses in the world.  Match the lips and the nails to the dress, and keep the rest simple, but with a dash of glitter. Big eyelashes are a must for this vamp gal!
Ruby Shimmer
The Black widow goes all out! This curve-hugging dress shows off all your assets in the best light, and the faux fur shrug keeps you warm as you step out to watch the fireworks. The makeup and accessories are as sparkly as possible. After all, glitter is more than traditional at this time of the year, isn't it?

Black Widow
Some people make sure to wear red underwear on New Year's Eve to ensure good luck in the future, some kiss a stranger to make the new year start off exciting. What is your special tradition?

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Festive Florals

Holiday season is approaching, and with it the season of parties and family gatherings.  We love this time of the year as it combines all our favourite things: good food, friends, shiny lights and plenty of opportunities to dress up!  There is (almost) no better time than the holiday season to drag out your favourite reds and whites and greens, to strut around in red heels, and leave red lipstick marks on everyone's cheeks.

The first set, Candy Cane, features a white floral skirt combined with red heels and a green cardigan. We could have kept the earrings more neutral, but really, when are you supposed to go all out and be a bit silly if not now?!

Candy Cane

The Winter Flower is a rare bloom, with rich, vibrant colours and bold makeup. You might want to save this styling for the office party or a dinner out with friends, because really, your  eyeliner should be appreciated by as many people as possible!

Winter Flower

Roses in the snow pairs this lovely red and white dress with a sweetheart neckline, with cherry red boots. After all, they DO say that you should match your belt to your shoes, don't they?  We kept the makeup and accessories sweet and simple, accenting the white and red with the just a little flick of black eyeliner.

Roses in the snow

Nothing says timeless classics like this dress. The painted rose print and the boat neckline are sure to be appropriate for just about any occasion.  We added a cardigan with pearl buttons as well as a pearl necklace and earrings, to transform it into a truely timeless masterpiece.

Pearls and roses

Enjoy your holidays! We're off to find some gingerbread cookies <3

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Rock the Holidays in Style!

Suddenly it is December!  The Christmas countdown has begun and with less than 20 days to go we need a dress for every occasion.  Find the perfect style from our spectacular range of frocks to mix and mingle with old-school glamour. 

Treat yourself to the Birdy Carmine Red Dress  if you want an eye-catching outfit for the season,  printed with finches on black and white branches with pink blossoms and faux-tie collar with gold tone buttons. 

Kick start your holidays in the comfy June Rasberry Dress,  flattering seam lines, fabric covered buttons and pleats makes for classy and stylish social wear. 

Make a beeline for this Red Wine Polkadot Wiggle Dress  if you need something to wear straight to dinner after a busy day at the office. 

Get dressed for dancing in the Red Poppy Swing Dress with full circle 1950's style flared skirt, a fitted bodice & really cute small capped sleeves.

Rock around the clock in this gorgeous Ophelia Red Prom Swing Dress  with a sweetheart neckline and ruched bust panel along with a flared pocket skirt.  

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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Posting Dates For Overseas Customers

Greetings to all our international customers! It's that time of year again when the last guaranteed posting dates before Santa arrives get mentioned so you can treat yourself, treat your loved one, or drop that not-so-subtle hint to others in good time. Hope this helps: 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Swing it!

As colder weather sets in, you might find yourself reaching for trousers and tighter skirts, sighing as you pack away all your beautiful and playful swing skirts, leaving perhaps only one or two special occasion dresses.
We used to do that for years, until it occurred to us- why shouldn't winter be a swinging season? After all, we wear our wiggle dresses with opaque tights and boots, what's to stop us from doing the same with our swing dresses?  This year we decided to keep our swing dresses where they belong, and paired them with strong, bold colours to chase away the winter gloom.

Hot cakes features one of our favourite dresses, and the moment we thought about the perfect match for it, we knew everything had to be hot pink!  Yum!

Hot Cakes

This next dress just made us think of mint-crisp winter mornings and hot orange tea our grandma used to make. We added spicy tights and and a fresh cardigan, but we kept the booties a little more sensible, so grandma won't disapprove ;)

Orange and Mint Tea

But it's not just dresses that have that special swing to them! Skirts can be just as versatile and just as comfy to wear in the winter!  A gentle pink can be paired with greys for a romantic wintry feel without going into drab colouring or looking too childish.  We added bolder pink makeup to this pastel coloured skirt and mixed our shades of grey to give the outfit a grown up, sophisticated feel.

Pink and Grey
It usually takes us a bit of time until we fall in love with Lady Winter all over again.  But when we rediscover our love, we like to celebrate it! You'll be a proper Ice Queen in this black and icy blue outfit,  but the hot red lips hint at the burning fires beneath your cool exterior!

Ice Queen
How do you feel about winter? Do you prefer to spend it  with a hot drink by the fireplace, or are you out chasing snow flakes?