Sunday, 24 February 2013

This Week at Rockabilly Pinup

This week we received loads of rockabilly hairbands.  They are wired for easy styling and in a huge variety of colours.  We restocked the old favourites including the vintage roses, leopard print and polkadots, plus new prints including poppies, stripes and a pretty summer bouquet of daisies.

We also restocked many Limb dresses including the Red Cowgirl and Frida Retro Dress, plus we added even more peacock print dresses.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rockabilly Roses!

How much do we love roses in Rockabilly? They are up there with those anchors and swallows when it comes to all things Rockabilly. These bright red and pink flowers are by far the most symbolic of blooms. Roses bring all things feminine to any look. Even if flowers are not your style- one thing we can all agree on is that those bunches of Roses are so much more than just Valentine's or birthday gifts!

Model Vipers Doll.  Photo by Stephanie Schneider Photography.

Roses on tattoos for example have been around for hundreds of years. It's not just sailors who have been inked with them! Rockabilly and body art have always been inextricably linked so maybe this is where the true value of the rose in this style lies? It's the girls and the guys who are happy to be inked with this flower.

The one bloom that even the most butch of bikers will be happy to be sporting. The 'roses and skulls' look really does rock-whether as a tattoo or on that Rockabilly swing dress. Well Rockabilly Pin Up know that us gals love our roses, here are some of the more subtle but effective floral pieces on offer at Rockabilly Pin Up.

No Rockabilly look would be complete without vintage roses and polka dots! This vintage look head band will get you your Rockabilly look in a jiffy. Just slip it on over that messy up do with the knot at the front for your fantastic 1950's punky housewife look! Take a look at the Rockabilly Pin Up head band collection for different versions of this cute headband.  

Those flowery teddy bears and blooms in vases can be all sweet and innocent. However this is one thing that Roses are not when it comes to Rockabilly and Psychobilly, in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Just take this scarlet red rose with anchor hair clip. There's something so very naughty about this zebra print 'Punk Up Bettie' hair clip! This quirky little example proves that roses need not be huge and garish to make a statement. Sometimes the smallest of these red flowers can turn heads. Add one of the bow styled clips on the Rockabilly Pin Up website to your hairdo.   

Roses on those cute motif's are so very Rockabilly! Subtle but they stand out: Check out this ruby red cardigan by Banned. You many need to do a double take but you will find those intricately embroidered roses wrapped around a polka dotted anchor. But what is even more alluring about this cardigan is the small skull chomping away at a rose at the back. Cute if just a little bit sinister at the same time! Team this cardi with your Rockabilly swing dress for functional Rockabilly look. 

Rockabilly roses are officially hot- get your roses at Rockabilly Pin Up today!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Rockabilly Spring-spiration

Spring time is almost here and you can certainly tell we're in the mood to bring back the sunshine here at RockabillyPinup HQ.  We have been busy stocking the rails with our favourite print this week, the delicate beauty of the Hibiscus flower which is feminine, carefree and makes for easy spring/summer dressing.

Embrace the joy of spring with bright colours by buying any one of the Alika Hibiscus Swing Dresses in a choice of yellow, red, blue, pink and black. Surprisingly easy to wear, each of these bold shades are adorned with gorgeous hibiscus flowers which means you need very few accessories.

Add a  fifties feel and opt for a full floral skirt like the Candy Hawaii Hibiscus Blue Circle Skirt by Hell Bunny, team with a cute blouse, high heels and red lippy for a stylish ladylike effect. Also available in yellow, blue, pink, red and black.

These Hula Hawaii Hibiscus Tie Tops are not for the faint hearted, available in other colours and a perfect match  for the Candy skirts mentioned above, but also great paired with high-waisted trousers or jeans.

With prints in full bloom  keep it pretty and go vintage with this Pink Hibiscus Swing Dress by Hearts and Roses.

For more spring styles visit

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Joan Dress Review by Pin Up Persuasion

Pin Up Persuasion recently reviewed the Royal Blue Joan Dress in the article - There's a Little Bit of Joan in All of Us.  The Joan pinup dress by Glamour Bunny is currently available in blue, red and black, in sizes uk8-20.

Monday, 11 February 2013

15% off this Valentines

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Getting Ready for Summer at Rockabilly Pinup

Wow, what an exciting week!!  We received the most beautiful Hell Bunny items, part of their Spring Summer 2013 Collection.  These include the cutest Jinmu country girl mini dress.  It is made from a gorgeous lavender gingham with pretty white trim and lacing. Wear as is, or wear a fluffy petticoat below and pull the channels in the skirt to reveal as much petticoat as you like.

We also received the Hell Bunny Alika dress, Hula tie top and Candy skirt.  These are available in 5 colours detailed with white hibiscus flowers, strelitzias and palm leaves.  They are made from a quality stretch cotton for the perfect fit, and we think that they are a must this summer.  I am not one for showing off my tummy, but the Hula tie top is so flattering, and sexy teamed with the Candy skirt, jeans or capri trousers.

Lastly, we can't say no to more unicorns, our customers love them!  The Alaska dress is covered with lilac and pink unicorns, cupcakes and little skulls.  It is adorable!

Keep an eye on our New Items page for loads more beautiful items to come.  You can also get 15% off your next order placed before midnight 12 February 2013 by entering the coupon code UNICORN15 at checkout.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Weekend Fashion for Rockabilly Girls

Need something to wear on a night out? Digging through your wardrobe unable to find something that looks great?  We have those days too, so the RockabillyPinup team has made it their mission to help you paint the town red with a few helpful tips on getting it right.

This Vintage Style polkadot pencil dress is super stylish with its 50's pinup inspiration, featuring a sweetheart neckline and flattering gather across the bust and capped sleeves. 

Throw this Cherry Skull Black Bolero on top to add Rockabilly chic, cosy and cute its the perfect addition to a striking red dress.

Add a bit of old school charm to your outfit with this Lucky Cherries Choker which boasts a bright red cherry pendant, black and red dice and a reflective red mystery bead.

Style your locks with a Double Rose Hairclip to transform boring everyday hair to bold and beautiful.

Complete with a pair of heels like these Blink black peeptoes we spotted on sale in Debenhams

Sunday, 3 February 2013

This Week at Rockabilly Pinup

It's been rather a busy week at Rockabilly Pinup.  We had a large delivery of Banned clothing and handbags, including a cute little cherry handbag and leopard print and polkadot cardigans.

We also had a huge delivery of Hearts & Roses dresses which included the much loved red flocked tattoo dress and the red polkadot swing dress.  We also added 3 gorgeous new styles.  Two dresses made from a high quality cotton printed with pink and white hibiscus flowers and a heart covered Valentine's dress with keyhole neckline.

Get 10% off your order placed at Rockabilly Pinup in February using coupon code BLOG10.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Choosing your first Rockabilly Dress!

It's a fantastic look but how do you go about getting it for the first time? It's only natural to be a little cautious- it's hard to know what will look fabulous and give you the Rockabilly look that you want. Are you looking for the perfect Rockabilly dress but not sure where to start? We at Rockabilly Pin Up know how important it is to dress to your body shape- no matter what natural shape you have been born with. There will be the perfect dress for you. Here is a rough guide on what to look out for when picking your first Rockabilly dress!

Tall ladies: Blessed with supermodel good looks? You have the height to pull almost anything off which is fantastic! Because of your frame we recommend that you look out for those larger prints. Don't hold back: You can wear those big bright tropical orchid prints with ease. Anchors and swallows in all their glory too will look great on all taller ladies.
Green Sea Foam Hawaiian Waterfall Dress
by Vanity Project Limb
Shorties: The vertically challenged girls among us can certainly get away with that cute petite look. Even better if you are a curvy with it. Take your pick of the knee length midi dresses- although we wouldn't recommend going for anything that will swamp your small frame. Shorter dresses look lovely on shorter ladies. Also look out for the smaller prints with dainty details on your skirts and dresses. You can get away with the more delicate dress details very easily like button details on the collars or at the waists.

Black 50s Swing Dress with small white polka dots 
Top Heavy: Women spend thousands on surgery trying to get that perfect hourglass look, but top heavy girls are all natural! Rockabilly girls with a bigger bust will look amazing in the low cut tops and dresses. Go for Halterneck and sweetheart necklines for a really feminine looks. Pinched in waists will give you an enviable Marilyn Monroe-like figure!

Flocked Red 50's Tattoo Print Rockabilly Dress
Iron board fronts: No need to be put off from going Rockabilly if you have a flatter front- you can still be just as feminine as anyone else! One of the advantages of having this frame is that you can get away with showing more detail on the front. You can go for florals or frills and still look supremely sexy! Experiment with styles and a quirky look. Anchor along with all other Rockabilly motifs look great on girls with a slimmer frame.

Anchor Black and White Sassy Dress by Sourpuss
Gals with Hips: If you are a natural pear shaped lady then we would say you have it made! Rockabilly pencil skirts and dresses look fabulous on your body! You can get away with block colors too! But we wouldn't recommend that you try the larger detailed prints- they could make you look and feel overwhelmed. Also if you do chose to go with stripes you should try them going vertically.

Bad Betty Black Dress by Glamour Bunny