Monday, 31 December 2012

Back to Work Rockabilly Style

With Christmas over and the new year starting, many of us are heading back to the office this week.  If you are wanting to add a little more edge to your office wardrobe to lift the spirits from back to work blues then Rockabilly Pinup has much to offer the 9- 5'er.

For a professional but slightly laidback approach try this Nautical Nancy Denim Pencil Skirt paired with a Stiped Knitted Top and patent red heels.

We also have this soft and fluffy Black Cardigan by Miss Fortune to take away that office chill , very versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit

If you are looking to reveal your inner preditor then this Leopard Print Gypsy Top by Miss Fortune is perfect for you, throw on a knee length skirt and some high platform buckle heels to add function to fashion.

Finally the best way to accessorise any outfit is with a statement bag and this Cherry Skull Bag by Banned is a luxe must have for the New Year.

Take advantage of our winter sales and boost your back to work wardrobe

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!!

We'd like to thank all our customers for your continued support and would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.  We'll be back at the store Thursday and Friday so you can get your dresses delivered in time for New Year's Eve.  Use coupon code BLOGXMAS to get 15% off your order placed before midnight Thursday 27th December 2012.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Guide to Rockabilly for Beginners - Part Two

So you have those essential Rockabilly motifs listed down, but in this second part of the 'Rockabilly for Beginners' blog post we will take a look at the style in a little more detail. Firstly we have all seen those seriously sexy swing and jive dresses. But also just as flattering are the nautically inspired pencil skirts with that 'oh-so-naughty' split at the back. Fallen in love with the style? It's so easy to do with all those pretty feminine aspects and shapes.

Rockabilly is a dynamic look, it's bold, bright, colourful and sexy, all the aspects that make us want this look for ourselves. But how do we get it? What exactly is the recipe for the right Rockabilly outfit? Here are some of the aspects to look out for when designing or picking out your perfect Rockabilly dress:

That Itty Bitty Waist: For as long as dresses have been in existence, the narrow waist has been sought after. Women everywhere have done everything they could in their power to get that waspish waistline. Although for centuries women have used corsets to get that narrow look, Rockabilly is unique as it uses the structure of the dress itself to give the image of the slimmer silhouette.  The waist is the centerpiece of your rockabilly look. With a busty top and the flared three-quarter length skirt to balance things out. The slimmer waist looks fab on the pencil dresses too!

Olive Atomic City Revere Pencil Dress by  Limb 
The Rockabilly Print: This aspect has got to be the most fun when it comes to picking out your Rockabilly dress. It really is anything goes! From the all over traditional skull and roses print to Japanese robots. It's a case of the 'quirkier' the better when it comes to your print. Rockabilly Pin Up have pretty much everything from those 1950's atomic style patterns to zombie B-Movie posters! Look out for the larger floral flower prints and quirky cowgirls too.
B-Movie Rockabilly Swing Dress by Hell Bunny 
Sweetheart Neckline: One of the most flattering shapes on your Rockabilly outfit will be the 'sweetheart' neckline, so called because it resembles part of the shape of a heart. It gives the wearer the shape of a larger bust, but is recommended for all shapes and sizes of Rockabilly gal! This fabulous example of a sweetheart neckline can be seen on this red day dress. With the three-quarter length sleeves, the neckline adds a very chic look to a pretty day look. A key retro Rocka look to add to your list!

Pin Up Cowgirl Red Day Dress by Vanity Project Limb
The Full Skirt: Whether you chose a shape inducing pencil skirt or that fabulous flared skirt- you will achieve a great retro look! Rockabilly loves all things retro- the two go hand in hand! Here's a great example of that perfect jive dress. Pink and very floral, this is the quintessential summer dress! The flared underskirt does add volume to the overall shape creating the perfect look.

Pink Floral Summer Dress by Vanity Project Limb 
Head on down to Rockabilly Pin Up and find out more about how you can get the Rockabilly look for yourself!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Alchemy UL17 at Rockabilly Pinup

Alchemy's UL17 range is a stunning collection of Angelic Accessories designed to accompany and enrich your rockabilly pinup outfit.  This range of rockabilly themed jewellery is inspired by tattoo art, so you will find swallows, skulls, red roses, winged hearts and tattoo guns adorning gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  The festive season is almost upon us, but you have time to place your order to receive these beautiful stocking fillers to brighten the day of your rockabilly gal.

Pendant necklaces
ULFP1 Swallow Heart
ULFP3 Painted Lady
ULFP7 Bow Belles
ULFP9 Love Bones
ULFP10 Skullrose
ULFP12 I love, I hate
ULFP13 Swallow Love Pendant
ULFP14 El Corazon
ULFP15 Rose Heart

ULFE1 Cursed Studs
ULFE3 Tattoo Gun
ULFE4 Swallow
ULFE5 Live Now
ULFE9 Poison no17
ULFE10 Bad Luck
ULFE11 Bow Belles
ULFE12 Forbidden Fruit
ULFE13 Love Bones
ULFE14 Pirate Ear Stud
ULFE15 El Corazon
ULFE16 Anchors Away

ULFA1 Love Life
ULFA2 Bow Belles
ULFA3 Rosa de Azucar
ULFA4 Sailor's Pledge

Click here to find the entire collection of Alchemy UL17 that is currently in stock.  All items are dispatched within 24 hours on weekdays

Style File: New Year Dresses, New Rockabilly You

We have rounded up a few of our favourite Rockabilly Dresses for New Year's Eve.  With these sex-kitten styles we guarantee you will catch a few glances as you rock the floor through the night. Rockabilly prints are bold, beautiful and really do make a perfect party dress.

This Thelma Vintage Style Pencil Dress has jumped to the top of our party wish list, made from stretchy black fabric with an unusual contrasting 2-tier sailor-style collar and nipped in waist line.  Detailed with red fabic buttons to accentuate your figure, pair with some red killer heels and you are set.

A party dress if ever we saw one 1950's Cherry Blossom Black Rockabilly Dress  has a yummy red cherry and white blossom print to get your party juices flowing.

Fancy experimenting with a bit of colour? Try this Peacock Valerie Pinup Girl Pencil Dress, sure to turn heads as you twirl around.

For a halter dress this Meurtos Sugar Skull Dress by Hell Bunny screams naughty and nice. A 50's inspired Rockabilly dress highly detailed with colourful sugarskulls and flowers.

Jazz up your party look with a dose of  comedy with this Kisch Domestic Goddess Cartoon Strip Dress, sure to keep eyes wondering over your captions all night long!

Looking for more inspiration then take a look at more Rockabilly Dresses.  Get 15% off your next order placed before midnight GMT 17 December 2012 using coupon code NYBLOG.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Guide To Rockabilly for Beginners - Part One

Are you new to the Rockabilly style? Don't know quite where to start? Perhaps you are trying to get your friends into it? It's easy for Rockabilly newbies to feel confused at the start of their style journey. There are so many great elements to the look, Rockabilly in a nutshell is a mixture of the feminine 1950's style, of all things sexy and patterned, the vintage pin up looks of yesteryear along with a huge dollop of the alternative.

Your Rockabilly look is tailored around you- your shape, your tattoos and piercings, and most of all your sense of spirit! 

Rockabilly is a style that can be worn by any one at any age. How do you get that style for yourself? It's simple, take your inspirations from our Rockabilly Motifs. These are delicate little accents that will nearly always turn up on any great retro outfit.

Hearts: One of the most quirky little elements around. Whether it's on clothing or your jewels, the heart is a powerful symbol. Courage as well as Love, the heart can stand for so much. Perhaps it has a personal meaning for you? Rockabilly hearts are special-go for cute and pretty when adding hearts to your outfit.
El Corazon Winged Blue Heart Earrings by UL17  Alchemy
Polka Dots: This delicate dress detail can add tons of cool shabby chic aspect. Its a strong Rockabilly element and you will find that so many outfits will include them somewhere. The Polka dot pattern like all other vintage patterns have been around forever. It reminds one of that real 1950's housewife look. Don't have any Polka Dots on your dress? Add a pretty dotty sash or wrap around belt. Perfect example is this gorgeous headband, you have the polka dots with the fabulous florals!

Autumn Vintage Rose Hairband with Burgundy Polkadots 
Skulls: All our Rockabilly girls know that those skull and cross bone motifs don't have to be associated with death or dying. They can be so much more fun then that! Think the sugar skulls that have been inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead. Bright and colorful with those unmistakable  Rocka roses that surround the bones. The skull links all things Rockabilly with the Gothic for a really cute fluffy take on the look.

Sailor Skull on Blue White Stripes Oversize Crop T-Shirt
Bows: Once the sole reserve of Minnie Mouse fans everywhere, the bow is now hotter than ever. Whether you have a big bow at the bottom of your fitted corset or as a detail on your large retro bouffant style hairdo- the Bow is the rockabilly aspect to be seen in. We have seen Katy Perry really rock the pretty pastel pink candy girl look. It's adds a sort of girly sweetness to your outfit, so its top marks for bows this season!

Cherry Explosion Sparkle Bow Hair Clip at Rockabilly Pin Up
Anchors: The international sea faring motifs are so Rockabilly it's unreal! No longer just seen as manly tattoos on all those burly sexy sailor men: Oh no siree! Us gals have gotten in on the nautical action with our anchors too! Rockabilly Pin Up have Anchors covered! They are stylish when worn everywhere- as part of a ship inspired  everything from those cute little dresses to delicate and pretty jeweled pieces. Team yours with some sailor stripes for the perfect sea girl look!

Black Anchor Sailor Necklace 

Friday, 30 November 2012

Style File: Weekend City Break

A long weekend is a joy to experience but a nightmare to pack into a bag. With hand luggage and 100ml liquid limits on your toiletries, RockabillyPinup has some weekend essentials that can be dressed up or down whilst you make the most of your city break escape.  

For a retro spin, try donning this V-Neck Collar spotty number with a chunky belt and Wedges.

This Nautical Nancy V Neck cardigan is a great weekend wear to replace the classic blazer, plus we love the anchors. Team with a white dress or t-shirt and silver/red accessories. 

Mix and match high waisted denim trousers with cute tops like this Red striped knitted sailor top or this spotted Pink Scarlett Fever Knitted Top.

Never leave home without some accessories as they really do make an outfit, we have bags, jewelry and a few other essentials to get you through the weekend.


Sunday, 25 November 2012

November Prize Draw

Would you like to enter our prize draw to win a Vintage Rose Headband, a Red Glitter Cherry Necklace and Red Rose Hairclip? If so, there are 4 ways you can enter.

ONE. Simply leave a comment on any item on the website saying why you like that item. Each comment that you add is one entry. Email addresses are NOT displayed publicly but are necessary so that we can contact the winner. You do not need to include your entire name - your first name or pseudonym is sufficient (name and comments will be made visible). I usually approve comments in the evening so don't despair if it takes awhile for comments to appear :)

TWO: Follow us and mention us on twitter:

THREE: Click here and share the prize draw photograph on facebook.

FOUR: Follow this blog by email ------->

Competition closes: Midnight GMT 30 November 2012

The Draw will take place on 1 December 2012


The winner is Kara Jayne Lees.  Congratulations!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Lucille Ball at Rockabilly Pin Up!

One of the most unlikeliest pin ups girls of the 1950's has to be Lucille Ball. An actress, model and comedienne who was well known for her sharp tongue and even sharper wit. So much so that she even had her own TV Show: 'I Love Lucy' which ran for most of the 1950's. A bit hit at the time, it is still as popular as ever with 'I Love Lucy' conventions happening all over the world. The world couldn't get enough of Lucille's wisecracks! But what her fans also loved was her style. If you are ever lucky to catch a snippet of the show online or even on television you will see that 1950's housewife style in its most purest form!

Lucille Ball had it down to a fine art! So what does this look compromise off? Well the 'Housewife' part may make it seem dull but it's anything but! Sure it's the opposite of the more revealing 'Pin Up' look of the same era, but its vintage style at its finest!

Think long three quarter length skirts, floral fitted blouses tucked into a high waisted skirt-bright polka dots, pretty gingham prints, bold black and white nautical stripes along with bright red lips and a pretty patterned head scarf tied in a turban like style. Everything about this look is vibrant and active! With all these elements in common with Rockabilly no wonder it's just as hot! Rockabilly Pin Up have some amazing pieces for your quintessential Lucielle Ball/ 50's housewife look:

Blue Atomic City Revere Pencil Dress by Limb

Like in 'I Love Lucy' do you find that guests are always dropping by unexpectedly? Perhaps they are expecting to see you in your dirty overalls on your knees giving that floor a good ole scrub? It doesn't have to be that way and you can look hot while hoovering! With a very space age 1950's print, the large lapel collars and apron style tie belt you can't get more Lucille Ball than this dress! With cute fitted half sleeves and that pinched in waistline you have an outfit perfect to receive those unexpected guests in.

Bridget Bombshell Polka Dot Dress by Folter
Polka dots are great whether on your punky Rock and Roll dress but also as part of your quirky 'stay at home' style. This knee length number from Folter is a very cute example! Sleeveless with a dainty ruffle necked design, its superb when serving those tiny little canapes to all your dinner party guests! The Bridget Bombshell Polka Dot Dress is the very 'I Love Lucy'!   

Lura Red Dress by Stop Staring

Now red was undoubtedly Lucille Ball's colour: With her signature bright auburn locks tied back in a quirky up do and matching flame red lips. One of the most vibrant shades here at Rockabilly Pin Up, it looks simply stunning with that victory roll hairdo. Regardless of whether you are a blonde, brunette or have Lucy-like red locks, add a splash of life into your housewife styled wardrobe with any of the scarlet outfits at Rockabilly Pin Up. 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gift Guide: Rockabilly / Psychobilly For Her

If you are trying to make sure your Christmas list is filled with full throttle style or perhaps you are stuck on what to get a budding Pinup star?  With just a few weeks to go until the festive season is upon us, parties are planned and shopping lists are frantically being drafted so Rockabilly HQ decided to pick out a few of our best sellers to help you on your merry way.
This cute Purple Stiped cardi by Banned would be super cosy for Christmas morning or
for lunch.  The little Anchor Cutie Tee is charming and girlie with a little red bow, teamed with a pair of Red Anchor hoops it will add a colourful but sexy finish.

We adore this sparkling diamonte cherry pendant  - it will add a luxe edge to this Necessary Evil Chia Retro LBD.

You can never go wrong with jewellery either and these Love Hate necklaces and Love Life bracelet make great stocking fillers.

Some other inspiring ideas include this cheeky beach towel, these super cute pink sourpuss skull and cupcake barettes or this psycho monster polkadot cherry hairclip. 

Our bag selection is perfect for the girl who has everything, our top two being a cute Cherry makeup bag and a super stylish Banned leopard print bag.

For more gift ideas visit

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Something sexy this way comes!

We are in the midst of Party season and what better way to celebrate than with one of the new additions at Rockabilly Pinup?  You will want to be in that unique, all-eyes-on-me outfit that no one else has (because they are all in high street dresses!). Rockabilly Pinup give you the chance to add a sexy edge to your look with some of our amazing new Hell Bunny additions.  One of the most recognizable and popular brands on the Gothic/Alternative fashion scene and it's not hard to see why! Just check out these fabulous new gowns from Hell Bunny newly listed at Rockabilly Pinup:

Seth Halloween Cobweb Skull 50s Dress by Hell Bunny  
Skulls and cobwebs are most definitely not just for Halloween! No one knows that more than we at Rockabilly Pinup! Hell Bunny do these Gothic and Rockabilly motif's superbly, you can find them printed on A-Line dresses and fitted bodices! Eye catching they really make a statement on the Seth Halloween Cobweb Skull dress. An all-year-round outfit, here is a dress that will see you right through the festive season and well into springtime and summer 2013. A fantastic alternative to Christmas fairy dust and sequin covered outfits over the coming months! Just make sure that 'randy' Ralph from next door is watching what he's doing when he's pouring the drinks at number 12's Christmas get together!
Thelma Vintage Style Pencil Dress with Red Polka Collar 
Everyone loves a fitted pencil dress! Whether you are wearing one or looking at that gorgeous gal who is in one over at the bar. They just have that timeless beauty, elegant right to the core- for instant glamour pull on the Thelma Vintage Style dress. With the very pretty Rockabilly but Gothic collar detailing and matching sleeves- Hell Bunny sure know how to make them! The button details on the waist add a quirky 1950's twist to the ensemble. A great transition piece this dress works well as a quirky office outfit and when out for drinks too. Single? You won't be for long in this sassy little number!
Freddie Halloween Horror Rockabilly Swing Dress by Hell Bunny 
Hell Bunny have created perfect Rockabilly style with the Freddie Halloween Horror Rockabilly Swing Dress. The fitted bodice and waistline, and perfect flared out dress are the epitome of the style- like the pencil dress this style is timeless. Although covered in images of horror you do still have the festive colors of blood red and gory green in there. The ultimate Christmas outfit with a mega twist perhaps? Why not add some fun to your look this year and get those tongues wagging in the Hell Bunny Freddie Dress?

Whatever you are looking for Rockabilly Pinup will be guaranteed to have it- take a look at the rest of the new Hell Bunny range here:

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Style File: The Pencil Skirt

Inspired by the glamorous 1940s silhouette, accentuating the female form with nipped in waists and round curvy hips, the Rockabilly pencil skirt is a simple way to show off your curves in the most professional manner.
Take pinup glamour to the boardroom with beautiful outfits to match your work ethic. To make life easier the Rockabilly Office have rounded up the best pencil skirts to give you versatility and make Rockabilly at work a daily option.
For a fashion-forward office look try this Cherry Print Pencil Skirt by Sourpuss, just add a ladylike kitten heel and black cardigan.

Take a walk on the wild side with this gorgeous Leopard Print Velveteen Retro Pencil Skirt, team with a figure hugging black cashmere roll neck for sheer office sophistication. 
This Nancy Denim Pencil number will instantly boost your self-esteem giving you the edge, to keep ahead of the office fashionistas!  Complete your look with a red blouse and sassy heels. 

We promise this Signature Denim Turn Up skirt will become one of your best wardrobe essentials, perfect for that working lunch meeting when layered with a fitted sexy white Tee and chunky platform heels.
Brighten up on a gloomy day with this cute Sourpuss Red Polka Dot Pencil skirt.  Make sure you snap up this sale bargain for a smart office wear staple.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Get your Ghoul on at Rockabilly Pin Up

Received that last minute invitation to the swanky Halloween do on the 31st of October? Perhaps you will be out trick or treating with the kids this year collecting bags of goodies from unsuspecting homeowners! This can all be great fun and regardless of whether you believe in vampires and werewolves- Halloween can be seriously fun!

With less than a week to go before the day itself are you finding that there is a mad rush to get your costume sorted? Most importantly how are you going to express your evil side on All Hallows Eve? Some of us will go all the way and splash out on a full length monkey costume. We at Rockabilly Pin Up know that there are some more subtle but very effective ways in which  you can express your inner scary this year especially with their range of jewellery and accessories:

Rockabilly skulls: One of the most famous of Rockabilly motifs, the skull is legendary- even more so when combined with the infamous bow. It ticks the great Halloween style box instantly! These quirky and cute earrings are encrusted with blood red and clear Swarovski stones. Proving that alternative accessorizing doesn't have to be about the over sized and sometimes garish pieces. These are a fantastic way in which you can express your love for all things creepy while keeping it totally Rockabilly at the same time!
Bow Belles Skull and Crystal Earrings £12.50 
Nautical Anchors: Another fabulous pair of earrings, these Anchor Sassy Earrings by Sourpuss are also available on the Rockabilly Pin Up website. The anchor just like the bow and skull is a very strong Rockabilly motif. But the tattoo style of these pair add a twist to the traditional anchor. The strong black lines with the filigree style and vibrant scarlet really make for a fabulously frightening (but in a great way) pair of earrings to go with your scary Halloween outfit!

Anchor Sassy Earrings by Sourpuss £8.50
Cats: Black is certainly the color of the season! It reminds us of all the long dark nights that we get at this time of year. And of those cast iron cauldrons, its on bats and spider but most importantly on cats! We love our beautiful black kitties all year round but even more so at this time of year: It's a fact that black cats do get a bad press around Halloween time and many are seen as being evil and are then abandoned which makes us very sad.

Why not show your appreciated for your furry feline pals by wearing a pair of Rockabilly Pin Up's black Kitten Earrings? Perfect as a gift for a fellow kitty lover or even for yourself! There is also a matching necklace and pendant too for a complete set. We at Rockabilly Pin Up actively encourage everyone to spread the black kitty love!
Black Kitten Earrings £5.50 
Cloak and Dagger: Halloween outfits can be some of the most varied around, with everything from Victorian Steam punk to Gothic Alice in Wonderland being worn to all those parties! Pirates are a great option too, you could add a few key nautically inspired pieces to rock the Captain Jack Sparrow style for Halloween! Try the Pirate Ear Stud by UL17 Alchemy for real understated Pirate Gothic!

Pirate Ear Stud by UL17 Alchemy 

There's not long left- place your orders now! Those that are placed online before midday will be dispatched on the same day.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Top 5 Rockabilly Party Dresses

The party season is almost upon us.  With our diaries filling up fast for dinner dates, bonfire night extravaganzas, office parties and family festivities there is nothing more exciting than choosing a gorgeous dress to reveal your Pinup style!

Forget turning your wardrobe upside down this season and spoil yourself with one of our 5 featured dresses to get the party started:

Dress to impress with this lovely Polka Dot Vintage Dress by Hearts and Roses,  it draws attention to your neck with its sweetheart neckline and accentuates the waist with a simple black satin belt. Teamed with a pair of red heels and clutch this dress will bring out your fun factor.  £32.50

Channel your inner 'Dita Von Teese' with this figure hugging Glamour Bunny Shirt Dress in Red or Black this season .  This sexy pinup dress will suit any occasion plus it's super comfy. £79.50

This Miss Fortune Cherry Wiggle Dress is a cute straight cut dress with gorgeous cherry print that features red pleats topped with little bows on the front of the skirt and a red contrast buckle belt which is sure to leave your mouth-watering. £47.50

A divine 1940's Inspired Tea Dress by Limb Clothing reveals an oriental print with white herons, flowers and metalic gold detailing. Slimming crossover sweetheart neckline and bodice under the bust is fitted with a fabric covered belt and buckle at the waist to give this beauty an effortless feminine silhouette. Pair with golden heels and accessories to give this dress the spotlight it deserves. £96.50

Indulge your wild side with this fierce Leopard Print Wiggle Dress, take it from day to night effortlessly with a contract buckle belt and black stilhettos to give you that extra 'GRRR'  £47.50

For more party dress ideas take a look at

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Looking Hot at Halloween

The nights are longer and the summer has definitely left us- now is the time to really have fun with your autumnal Rockabilly wardrobe! Retro and all things pin up have never been as popular as they are now!
Even more so now at this end of the year- with only weeks to go until Halloween Rockabilly Pin Up is the place to go for all your glamorously gore-geous outfits and accessories!

Yes you too can be totally smoking as you go out trick or treating on All Hallows Eve night, and we are pretty sure that you may just be offered more than just candy when wearing any of the new Rockabilly Pin Up collection! Here are just a few eye catching items from the newly listed pieces on the Rockabilly Pin Up website...

Black and Red Double Hair Clip £13.50 
I adore this Black and Red Double Rose Hair clip! It's amazing and really makes an impact, you can wear it with a chic chignon style of with long wild locks for the big day! It's simple and so easy to clip on! The black and blood red will add more than a hint of the Gothic to your outfit. This piece is available in other color combinations too. With creams, red and pinks there will be something to suit your look. 

All memorable Halloween outfits will need that extra something to make them stand out from the crowd- especially when it comes to pin up. There is no better example than this Folter vest top! Although not traditionally a piece of clothing that is associated with the pin up look, it is still so very feminine. There are some fabulous features on the top, feminine aspects to it, for example I love the lace up back with the hot red ribbon. Only more proof if needed that being a Pin Up really is one of the most versatile of styles around! Although some of the glamorous gowns that we have on the Rockabilly Pin Up website are to die for, there's nothing stopping you from adding some punk or psychobilly aspects to your outfit! perfect with a pair of skinny jeans or pencil skirt, fishnets and sky high heels. 

Sacred Heart Corset Beater vest with Red Ribbon £29.50 
Speaking of which, you really cannot go wrong with a wonderfully figure hugging outfit! Just because you might be wearing a Halloween costume it doesn't mean that you can't look fantastic in it! Why not wear your wolf mask and paws with this little beauty from Rockabilly Pin Up? The pretty polka dot dress comes complete with it's own mesh lining on the dress. The satin belt adds lovely detail to the waist and give it a pinched in feel. The pretty bow across the chest is part of a cute sweetheart neckline, not only is it retro but also super sexy too. Team this dress with a dainty cardigan or shrug to keep you warm while you are out and about on Halloween night (or any other night for that matter!)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Style File: Siren of the Sea

If you thought red, white and blue were just for summer then think again, this season Nautical fashion is esteemed yet highly feminine. Wearing nautical items is both fun and flirtatious so this Autumn be sure to include a little sea-worthy style to your wardrobe from Rockabilly Pinup.
A fantastic choice for seasonal apparel are these, Nautical Nancy Swing Trousers which are perfect as the cold winds blow in across the sea. Team with this ultra sexy Banned Nautical Anchor & Roses Red Cardigan and wedge heels to look casual yet chic for a day at the office.
On a night out you will be sure to stand out from the crowd with this gorgeous Pan Red 40's Dress by Glamour Bunny, just add heels and a scarf for some Bettie Page sophistiction.
This chic navy, fitted pinup dress by Glamour Bunny tops our Rockabilly wish-list. It's Soft stretch navy blue cotton with white trim and contrast buttons will make stylish dressing a cinch.
For a more sporty style work this lace up Anchor Corset Beater Vest with a pair of tight fitting  trousers like these from Lady K Loves and throw on some foxy red heels to complete the look.
Or to just dip your toe in, add some quirky ocean prints by accessorising with this Out to Sea Octopus & Anchor Stud Bag.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hot New Season Fashion

Just over a week ago we saw International Fashion Week showcasing collections for Spring Summer 2013, with shows in New York, Paris, Milan and London- fashion fanatics everywhere were glued to their seats to see the hotly awaited collections from some of the big name fashion houses! Keywords for the week seemed to be 'original', 'experimental', 'classic' and 'retro'!

We also love how the current fashion trends have such strong links to all styles retro and pin up! There have been pretty fitted floral dresses, halter necklines and tailored suits. It's all very chic and you can have some real fun with your own retro rockabilly style through freshening up that dress with some on-trend accessorizing! The choice is yours when it comes to your image but here's how to get ahead in the style stakes and be top of your game with your vintage look!

Tailored to fit: Rockabilly Pin Up has been rocking the tailored trend since forever, its only now that the rest of the fashion world has finally caught on! According to the catwalks next year we will be seeing a re emergence of the high-waisted trouser and tailored skirt! This was very obvious in the collections of Christian Dior and Lanvin who have a very classy retro look for next season. Even the Balmain and Gucci shows included some very bright 1960's retro trouser and skirt suits on the catwalks. Why not take this idea of figure enhancing a step further and try on Rockabilly Pin Up's Lady Face Black Ribbon Wiggle Skirt? A great way to have the tailored look with some very sensual silky tie up aspects!

Lady Face Black Ribbon Wiggle Skirt £24.00
Floral Dresses: The floral dress is a staple item for all wardrobes during the summer months, but next year we will be seeing some pretty smaller prints rather than the large garish flowers apparent in seasons past. The prints will be small and dainty- Think real Parisian chic! A perfect example on the Rockabilly Pin Up website is Limb's Pink Floral Summer Dress, the halterneck detail and cute fitted bodice is strongly reminiscent of the outfits from the Mary Katrantzou and the Zac Posen collections shown at Fashion Week. One thing is for sure when it comes to next years trends and that is that Retro Frocks at Rockabilly Pin Up are going to be just as hot as the summer!
Pink Floral Summer Dress by Vanity Project Limb £98.50

Retro Patterns: We will also be seeing some very retro patterns. The Balmain catwalk show highlighted on Houndstooth patterns, a trend that we would normally associate with classic English Heritage brands like Mulberry and perhaps Barbour. Once again Vintage seems to be at the forefront of design. Why not add a some elements of these retro prints to your personal style? Rockabilly Pin Up have some very on trend accessories on the website. The Cherry Houndstooth Tote bag by Sourpuss is a shining example of this! A great combination of the classic and  bold monochrome pattern with the Rockabilly cherry motif! 

Cherry Houndstooth Tote Bag by Sourpuss £32.50

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spooky Style at Rockabilly Pin Up

The autumn season is nearly upon us, with the mystery of the darker nights also comes the festival of All Hallows Eve: And Halloween means so many great things! Carving our own Jack O Lanterns (Adult supervision and plasters at the ready), Going out on Halloween evening after dark and collecting bags and bags of sweeties from neighbors is also another great perk. And not forgetting those fabulous fancy dress parties where most of us drink far too much punch for our own good. But for many of us Halloween is a chance to really go to town with our outfits.

Want to have some fun with your Rockabilly style over the Halloween season? We see no reason not too. First stop: Rockabilly Pin Up for a great range of Rockabilly and Gothic combined spooky wear! Here are some of my favorite items for Halloween on the Rockabilly Pin Up website.

Skull Rose Pendant on Red Polka Dot Choker £27.50
This pretty silver skull choker has everything the Halloween Rockabilly outfit needs to finish it off. You have the essential-to-the-look skull feature on a lipstick red and polka dot ribbon! With scarlet Swarovski crystals for eyes you have immediate retro bling. Beautifully fastened at the back, its a perfect example of Gothic Rockabilly style! 

Once Halloween has been and gone, you needn't ditch the style! Why not make that Gothic and Rockabilly look a more established look in your wardrobe? That way you will be able to express your love for the dark side way beyond the 31st of October! One example that caught my eye was this very cute Sugar Skull designed shoulder bag available on Retro Pin Up. Made from a hard wearing black matte fabric, it features Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skull design. Perfect for work or while you are out shopping, simple and effortlessly spooky chic for you everyday!

Black Day Bag with Sugar Skull £44.50
No doubt there will be masses of 'Trick or Treaters' knocking on your door on All Hallows Eve! We at Rockabilly Pin Up advise you to be prepared! Get ready with lots of bite sized treats (and we don't mean your pet Alsatian- George), if there are any left over then even better. Why not truly get into the 'spirit' of things for when all the little darlings come round and slip into one of Rockabilly Pin Up's range of Halloween inspired clothing?

Sailor Skull and Anchors Purple Stripe Cardigan by Banned £23.50

One of my Halloween favorites on the website is this Sailor Skull and Anchors Purple Stripe Cardigan by Banned. Not only is it fitted to hug and keep you warm but it importantly features those very Rockabilly motifs of skulls, roses and anchors with bows along with the nautical stripes. Perfect for those who want to go with a more casual Halloween style. Wearing Fancy dress? Team this cutie pie cardigan over your outfit for a very stylish way to keep warm on the 31st of October and all those other autumn and winter nights!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Style File: Rockabilly Wedding Guest Outfits

With Wedding Season in full swing,  the nagging ‘What do I wear’ dilemma is at the forefront of our minds.  How do I look great, without clashing with the Bride?  What can I wear to keep warm if it’s a chilly day?  Should I add a fascinator or hat?  Luckily for you Rockabilly Pinup have an impressive selection of wedding guest attire be it for a courthouse quickie, a daytime country wedding or out of town wedding abroad.
Here are my favourite fashion picks of what I’ll be wearing to the flurry of weddings taking place over the next few weeks:
I love this  White 50's Black Floral Print dress.  The vintage style is brought right up-to-date with a gorgeous sweetheart bodice with black satin ribbon to cinch the waist, this dress will look svelte yet modern when teamed with stylish elbow length black gloves and two-toned hat , you could also add a black below-knee petticoat for additional volume. 
This dainty Gold Floral & Herons Hawaiian Waterfall Dress by Limb will look blooming marvellous with a pair of Red courts and simple Vintage Audrey Black Bag.
Miss Fortune  has created this knockout Day of the Dead multi-coloured skull print with purple contrast waist  and collar dress. This foxy design embraces the Rockabilly trend with charm and urbanity.  After the wedding, it could double up as a terrific cocktail party outfit with statement heels and a clutch. 

All products and more  available from 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hell Bunny at Rockabilly Pin Up!

Yes it's true we've got the best Rockabilly Vintage, Retro and Pin Up styles around! With so many brands to choose from on the Rockabilly Pin Up website it's almost impossible to know where to start! So we aim to give you the lowdown on some of our great brands:

One that we adore is Hell Bunny! A big favorite of ours here at Rockabilly Pin Up. Here's just a sneaky peek of what we have on offer and we just know you will love them just as much as we do!

May Day Purple Rose on Blue Rockabilly Dress £44.50

Hell Bunny bring you their May Day Purple Rose on Blue Rockabilly Dress. The belted waist along with the cute fitted bodice gives a great hourglass shape to all figures. Wear with one of our Rockabilly petticoats for some great retro style! (see below). The May Day dress also comes in a darker purple flower design on black fabric for a more Gothic outfit!

Vanda Blue Polka Dot Rockabilly Dress  £42.50

Hell Bunny also offer the archetypal Rockabilly Dress: The Vanda dress is 'That Dress' that all retro gals simply need! The flattering blue cotton gown boasts a cute polka dot pattern along with delicate white trimmings. The pretty detailed bodice with halterneck style fastening also has zips to help with the feminine fitting. The Vanda has a full circle skirt, so its just right for any swing do! Hell Bunny cater for those more curvier ladies too, so the Vanda dress is available from an 8 up to a size 22.  

Asuka Geisha Skull Print Cream Rockabilly Dress £44.50
For an exotic take for your retro style, look out for this bombshell of a dress! This Geisha print number from Hell Bunny combines ultra feminine pinks and creams in a  Japonesque style with Gothic skulls!
We adore the belted waistline which is very 1950's! Hell Bunny's Asuka dress is so wonderfully figure flattering like the majority of the Hell Bunny collection at Rockabilly Pin Up!

Remember to add one of our cute petticoats specially made to add that vintage va va voom to all your Rockabilly outfits!  

25 inch below knee mesh petticoat skirt £32.50 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Style File: Delightfully Dotty

With Celebs going dotty with spots and polka dots this season, make sure you liven up your wardrobe with these stylish prints.  This fun and fashionable 60’s trend is the ultimate look for a fashion forward female.

Anyone can wear dots, so if you fancy polka chic rather than adorably sweet then mix a high waisted pencil skirt and knitted top with polka dots like these gorgeous items from Miss Fortune.
Look flirty wearing a versatile polkadot dress that will take you from work to dinner with friends in a matter of seconds by adding a red belt and cardigan.
Polka dots come in all shapes and sizes so if you are a bit on the heavy side, try to wear smaller polka dots like this black cotton shirt polka-print dress with a detachable belt which is more flattering to fuller figures.
While nautical colours of navy, white and red can be suited to a more sophisticated look such as this gorgeous empire lined Rockabilly dress by Collectif which is a steal in the sale so put your orders in while stocks last.

Alternatively add extra pizazz to your outfits by adding polka dot accessories.
Spots can be a bit overwhelming so keep things simple and you’ll be spot on .

All items available for purchase from