Friday, 15 September 2017

Office Pinup

Summer is over and it's time to go back to work!
Usually this would make us a little blue, but not this time, because we have some wonderful new dresses in which make us look forward to getting up each morning!

Plus, it's time to put away our summer dresses and nautical and bright floral prints, and replace them with tartans and darker florals, and all those delicious autumn and winter inspired patterns and colours. And to chase away your autumn blues, or maybe get you even more excited about the upcoming seasons, we've put together a few sets featuring pieces we just can't seem to get enough of!

We did say that we are looking forward to darker florals, didn't we? This dress is an absolute dream, and while it hugs the curves, it's still perfectly appropriate for  your every day. That, however, doesn't mean  you won't be turning heads!

And how about this gorgeous burgundy beauty? It features a velvet flocked print with a forest fairy tale scene. We added one of our favourite purses, and chose the lipstick to match. We're a bit old school that way, and like to match things, especially when it comes to blacks and reds.

We love the new tartans coming in this fall, and this dress is just perfect for those crisp fall days! We especially like the combination of red, white and green on it, which lets us pair it with all kinds of details. Of course, we still want a bit of fire in our days, so we added red details for that extra pop!

Is there such a thing as appropriate glam in the workplace? We are certain there is! A wonderful velvet-flocked skirt, a classical black cardigan... It just oozes style! And of course, adding a pair of unexpectedly eclectic heels turns that class into sass!

Are you a summer child, or do you prefer the colder part of the year?