Friday, 15 August 2014

Celebrities Rockin' the Rockabilly!

It's one of the most recent style sensations- Rockabilly is a very wearable style so it's no surprise that some of the biggest names in show business have been following suit over the past few years. Even today, it's still a very hot trend, celebrities are still treading the red carpet looking fabulous in retro! You will find subtle and not so subtle hints at the Rockabilly look. Here are just a few of my favorite of the most flattering celebrity Rockabilly looks: 

Christina Aguilera ©
There's no doubt that Victory Roll hairdo's are a big part of the Rockabilly look. Everythig from quiffs to pin curls are acceptable, wear one or do several smaller curls, they are so versatile to do when one gets the hang of them. Singer Christina Aguilera has been known for experimenting with different looks throughout her career, going from wild child to subtle and feminine. However, one of her sleekest moves had to be the Rockabilly phase for 'Candyman'. Here she works it an a event with one simple giant curl coiffed at the top of the head. This adds height instantly and is pretty easy to keep in place with hidden pins. Here the star wears her chic up do with a fitted evening dress and scarlet lipstick for full effect!

Katy Perry does Pin Up  ©
Rockabilly is known for highlighting curves, an aspect of the style that has made it popular with us gals no matter what our shape and size. Patterns found on fitted Rockabilly Dresses mean that a perfect silhouette can be had along with cute detail! Look out for cherries (or any other type of fruits), anchors as well as tattooed hearts and rose patterns on the traditional looking 1950's prom dress. These kitsch details add a sense of fun to your Rockabilly dress, it will also take attention away from areas we wish to hide. Singer and performer Katy Perry looks stunning in this sweet halterneck mini dress, note the empire line fitting at the chest and cherry fabric patterns. The cherry red lips and retro specs finish off the very Rockabilly look!   

Rihanna does subtle Rockabilly chic  © 
Although the Rockabilly look is a strong one, with bold trends that run through it, it can still be watered down a little. Here superstar Rihanna does just that! She looks amazing with a long haired red 'Rockabilly Rolls' hairdo with more than a hint of the pin up about it. The outfit is given a real modern boost with the monochrome look, a smart low cut shirt and trouser day outfit that can easily be worn at work or to any other formal occasion. A modern gold chain and some heels polish off the neo-Rockabilly style off perfectly. Proof that this retro trend can be modern and so wearable.   

Go all out Rockabilly or experiment with Victory rolls on the next lunch date with the girls- Check out Rockabilly Pin Up for all your essential outfits and quirky accessories!