Friday, 26 July 2013

Rockabilly Wedding Outfits

Big occasions mean beautiful outfits, but with all the stress surrounding a wedding day, finding the perfect look as a guest can be a major shopping task!  With all eyes on the bride, you can choose a flirty yet stylish Rockabilly Dress to complement the day. Here are a few of our favourites this season all under £50

With spots and dots trending right now, this Meriam Black Dress with polka dots is perfect for a playful yet chic halter style for Summer weddings.

While Vintage inspired dresses are everywhere, go all out on styling hair and makeup to pay tribute to your favourite Pinup icon with this Melanie Polka Dot Dress with Bolero available in Blue, Red, Green and Lilac.

If florals are your thing, then this Hawaii 50's Rockabilly Dress with hibiscus flowers and pinup girls print is a must have for your special occasion wardrobe.  The bodice of the dress is fitted with halter straps which tie behind the neck, while the skirt flares from the waist.

Adorned with Mystical Unicorns and Cupcakes embellished with bow skulls, tiny green and white stars, pink hearts and cute skulls this dress takes you back to true girlie style.

For evening weddings this Red Satin Swing Dress means you can have your own lady in red moment featuring some classic Rocka print of pinup girls, skulls, mermaids, swallows and roses, reminiscent of sailor's tattoos

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Pretty stud earrings at Rockabilly Pinup

While the dress and the hair and the make up are all important with the Rockabilly look-there is something to be said for the more subtle pieces of jewellery. Stud earrings for example are super sweet when worn with any Rockabilly outfit. This is especially the case when going for that 'Rosie the Riveter' look. Team your sexy little studs with a tied at the top red bandanna for effortless chic.

Practical as well as super stylish you will be surprised how much attention these little earrings can get. And we are not talking about the Swarovski crystal ball studs that are everywhere at the moment (although these are lovely too). Stud earrings come in a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes. With everything from cute cherries to macho anchors, take your pick form any rocking Rockabilly motif stud earring style available at Rockabilly Pinup. Not sure where to start? Here are just a few to get you started: 

Swallow Stud earrings by Alchemy

Swallows are at the heart of many Rockabilly outfits. They make for gorgeous prints on dresses as well as hair grips and brooches. Vintage and so very chic we would go so far as to say a swallow or two is essential. Swallows are stunning birds and represent a beauty as well as flying free! A pretty symbol of rebellion that will look awesome on all Rockabilly girls! These small studs are so delicately understated- but do not be fooled by their innocence. They certainly pack a punch when it comes to getting that Rockabilly chic just right. You can wear these studs with everything. Whether it is a formal skirt suit and blouse or with a full on halterneck rockabilly dress.  
Bow Belles Skull and crystal stud earrings 
Here you have two of the hottest Rockabilly trends around combined as one. Just as dainty as the swallow earrings is the Bow Belles Skull and Crystal stud earring. Skulls are symbols that really cross the boundaries and will allow you to wear these earrings as a Gothic or Rockabilly accessory. The tiny skulls are just big enough to be noticed, red and white rhinestones complete this set of earrings and make them sparkly. The bows undoubtedly make these pretty accessory a Rockabilly one. However you see these earrings you can be sure that they will be a subtle but noticeable summer statement!  

Red Polka Heart Stud earrings by Sourpuss
 Studs on a stud! You simply cannot get better than these studded earrings. Each polka dot on these enamelled earrings can be felt. These tiny little studs stick up and can be felt bringing a cool rockabilly texture to your ear lobes. The heart shape is also a very quirky Rockabilly motif that absolutely everyone loves! This design is also available in a nautical blue and gold version too.

However you decide to dress up your Rockabilly outfit - stud earrings are the way to go! Take a look at the full range of jewellery and accessories at Rockabilly Pinup