Saturday, 21 October 2017

Halloween Party Time!

We are in Halloween spirit! Spooky skeletons and screechy bats are filling our daydreams, and we spend far too much time looking up the best recipes and Halloween decorations.

We also remembered, almost at the last moment, that we might need a costume! These aren't our last moment Halloween ideas like we did last year, but they are costumes featuring our shop favourites. We went for the perfect combo of comfortable, stylish and flattering, so we, and you, can have fun while looking your best. 

 Kickass Cowgirls are always a good choice, especially when it means you can kick it in a pair of capris and a white top. All you really need is a pair of boots and a matching hat!

It's no secret we're obsessed with this dress. After all, we devoted an entire blog post to it, so you could have pretty much expected it will be here somewhere. We also popped over to our sister site, The Gothic Shop and got a pair of devil horns. And in case that's too subtle... some devil heart jewellery! Now excuse us while we go sing Devil in Disguise!

We wanted something vampy, we wanted something slightly sinister and alluring... we went with the dramatic and mysterious queen of spades in a black lace dress.  We stole makeup from our big sis The Gothic Shop, because that glitter eyeliner is just perfect for some spade inspired makeup art!
Of course you have to have a witch costume for Halloween. It's traditional, after all. With a spiderweb skirt and a black velvet top, we are ready to cast some dazzling spells! 

Sherwood Dress - VenusMantrap

VenusMantrap | Martina Ċ poljaric Photography
Sherwood Dress by Hell Bunny
Glorious Clutch Bag by Woody Ellen
Gloves from The Gothic Shop.