Thursday, 27 June 2013

Floral Prints for Rockabilly

Roll up Rockin' gals for summer's most stylish looks, from dresses to accessories, floral prints are the season's main attraction.  We have picked out a few florals to get your style blossoming...

We all love a touch of luxury, that thrill of wearing something new for the first time is hard to beat, so we recommend you grab this Cannes Red Rose Floral 50's Dress for style that is sexy and wallet-friendly.

While this red and black floral print White cotton vintage dress with puff sleeves, a sweetheart shaped neckline is so fitting for summer, you'll need little in the way of accessories. Blooming marvellous!

Thanks to the multi-cultural influence in fashion,  we have this Aztec designed dress of red roses, Day of the Dead skulls, tequila bottles and cacti, which lends a modern edge to floral prints whilst still embracing the past.

Hugely inspired by flowers this season, this Rose Heart necklace is show stoppingly sexy and a Rockabilly Pinup summer time favourite!

Sometimes, the classics can't be beaten, like this red and cream double rose hair clip which combines a vintage colour combination with the most romantic of flowers.

Lastly,  make sure you order this beautiful red and white poppy wallet with polka dot print and kiss lock.  Harder to stuff your life into but very sophisticated, yet playful at the same time. 

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dita Von Teese for Rockabilly Pin Up

Dita wearing a lush victory roll hairdo 
She has her own clothing line, perfume and is now involved in creating a range of retro designed homewares but it is Dita Von Teese's style that has grabbed all the headlines. Hers is an image that is instantly recognisable all over the world. The bright red pout and deep dark hair have become the model and dancer's trademark look, one that we couldn't imagine her without. The retro style is a world away from anything we imagine our grandmother wearing.

But where does her vintage style come from? Burlesque is a performance that was popular in America during the 1920's and 30's. It is a combination of glamour and fantasy with the controversial striptease too. These are set to lavish backgrounds and sets that only add to the whole effect. Burlesque came at the right time, especially as most of the world was going to war. Pin up models were a form of beauty in a world that was dealing with the atrocities of war.

It is only natural that Dita would have taken on the fashion of the time as part of her performances. But she soon made the vintage look very much her own. And audiences were to find that her costumes were very multifaceted. Along with the cute secretary look they could find Gothic and fetish influences as well the wholesome all-American girl look. Not to mention Rockabilly!

Gingham fabrics and frills are the way to go! 
She can afford to wear the most daring of outfits, especially with a body shape to die for. Rockabilly outfits are designed to be figure flattering, even more so in the case of the more curvier girls like Dita. The burlesque star was best known in the early days as a 'tight lacer', someone who shrunk their waist with the help of tightly bound corsets. This gave her some recognition on the fetish world. However Dita moved on from her days as a fetish icon. She has experimented with style in a way that no other model has done to date. Taking it further Dita bought into the vintage lifestyle buying up a fleet of classic cars to go beautifully with her choice of outfits. What is so inspiring is her real attention to detail, it's the rock solid victory rolls in her hair, the hourglass figures often completed with a series of petticoats.

Dita Von Teese looking sensational in a Rockabilly style outfit. 
How can you get the showgirl look for yourself?  It's the details that really count with Dita's look. Invest in a few key pieces such as a classical crimson red lip liner, jet black eye liner is a must. A handful of classically designed Rockabilly dresses will get you started. Heels are high with this style but you can get away with mid height also.

For a kick start to your Dita Von Teese inspired Rockabilly wardrobe take a look at Rockabilly Pinup's range of dresses and accessories.   

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Rockabilly Summer Dress Favourites

The sun has been shining on and off over the last few days and got us in the mood for fun in frocks.  With payday upon us, Rockabilly HQ has chosen five gorgeous summer dresses, to suit everyone!   If you’re out and about this weekend, perhaps one of these dresses is just what you need to spruce up your Rockabilly style.

Summertime is the best opportunity to get away with fun, playful prints like this Vintage Inspired Blue Polkadot Bolero Dress, so take a twist on the trend with some true Rockabilly 50's styling.

If you fancy something a little more classic,  then this Nautical Nancy Halter Dress is just for you! Featuring a halter neck with white and navy stripes and contrasting red waist panel with anchor design buttons. We. Adore.

Playing with the pastels trend this pretty Purple Gingham Dress will have you sharing your girly charms in no time at all!

If ever there was a chic summer dress, it would definitely be this Bridget Bombshell Dressthis
retro-style dress with side neck tie looks instantly feminine and put-together without much effort.

Aren't heading off on holiday anytime soon?   Then why not bring paradise to you with this Lola Dress by Miss Fortune with tones of brown and orange with palm trees.  This halterneck mock-wrap dress is simply stunning with a mock-bamboo buckle detail at the hip.

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