Monday, 20 November 2017

What to wear - Holiday Party edition

The days are ever colder, the nights ever longer and everywhere you go, there is a faint sound of jingle bells and not so faint sound holiday songs. And an essential part of this holiday season seems to be the ever present holiday party! Some are with your coworkers, some are with your friends, and some are with your family.

Which ever one you decide or will have to attend, we have you covered. Like we do every month, we prepared a couple of suggestions that look stylish, give off that perfect mix of vintage and pinup vibes, and are appropriate for just about any occasion!

Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle? I mean, this is the perfect season to go all out and enjoy everything glittery your wardrobe has to offer! Paired with a black skirt with a playful yet elegant bow, and dramatic lashes, you're ready to shine!

There is just something about winter and velvet that seem such a perfect mix. You won't feel too warm in this velvet top thanks to its short sleeves, and to go just a little bit matchy-matchy, we paired it with of our current favourites - a green flocked skirt. A small, elegant purse is just what you need to finish this ensemble, and is the perfect place to stash your lipstick.

So, about that green flocked skirt.... of course we have a dress version of it too! Did you ever doubt our commitment to elegant and still slightly quirky style? We didn't think so. We love this dress not only because it seems perfect for just about any occasion, but also because it is so easy to match with other accessories, like this Woody Ellen purse.

Red is a such a wonderful holiday colour, and this dress is so incredibly flattering that we just had to include it. The full circle skirt will look great worn with or without a petticoat, and since it's the season of love towards your fellow man, why not show it with a heart-shaped purse!

What do you look forward to most during this season?

Peebles Dress - Dragonfly

Model Dragonfly
Peebles Dress by Hell Bunny