Monday, 20 November 2017

What to wear - Holiday Party edition

The days are ever colder, the nights ever longer and everywhere you go, there is a faint sound of jingle bells and not so faint sound holiday songs. And an essential part of this holiday season seems to be the ever present holiday party! Some are with your coworkers, some are with your friends, and some are with your family.

Which ever one you decide or will have to attend, we have you covered. Like we do every month, we prepared a couple of suggestions that look stylish, give off that perfect mix of vintage and pinup vibes, and are appropriate for just about any occasion!

Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle? I mean, this is the perfect season to go all out and enjoy everything glittery your wardrobe has to offer! Paired with a black skirt with a playful yet elegant bow, and dramatic lashes, you're ready to shine!

There is just something about winter and velvet that seem such a perfect mix. You won't feel too warm in this velvet top thanks to its short sleeves, and to go just a little bit matchy-matchy, we paired it with of our current favourites - a green flocked skirt. A small, elegant purse is just what you need to finish this ensemble, and is the perfect place to stash your lipstick.

So, about that green flocked skirt.... of course we have a dress version of it too! Did you ever doubt our commitment to elegant and still slightly quirky style? We didn't think so. We love this dress not only because it seems perfect for just about any occasion, but also because it is so easy to match with other accessories, like this Woody Ellen purse.

Red is a such a wonderful holiday colour, and this dress is so incredibly flattering that we just had to include it. The full circle skirt will look great worn with or without a petticoat, and since it's the season of love towards your fellow man, why not show it with a heart-shaped purse!

What do you look forward to most during this season?

Peebles Dress - Dragonfly

Model Dragonfly
Peebles Dress by Hell Bunny

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Halloween Party Time!

We are in Halloween spirit! Spooky skeletons and screechy bats are filling our daydreams, and we spend far too much time looking up the best recipes and Halloween decorations.

We also remembered, almost at the last moment, that we might need a costume! These aren't our last moment Halloween ideas like we did last year, but they are costumes featuring our shop favourites. We went for the perfect combo of comfortable, stylish and flattering, so we, and you, can have fun while looking your best. 

 Kickass Cowgirls are always a good choice, especially when it means you can kick it in a pair of capris and a white top. All you really need is a pair of boots and a matching hat!

It's no secret we're obsessed with this dress. After all, we devoted an entire blog post to it, so you could have pretty much expected it will be here somewhere. We also popped over to our sister site, The Gothic Shop and got a pair of devil horns. And in case that's too subtle... some devil heart jewellery! Now excuse us while we go sing Devil in Disguise!

We wanted something vampy, we wanted something slightly sinister and alluring... we went with the dramatic and mysterious queen of spades in a black lace dress.  We stole makeup from our big sis The Gothic Shop, because that glitter eyeliner is just perfect for some spade inspired makeup art!
Of course you have to have a witch costume for Halloween. It's traditional, after all. With a spiderweb skirt and a black velvet top, we are ready to cast some dazzling spells! 

Sherwood Dress - VenusMantrap

VenusMantrap | Martina Ċ poljaric Photography
Sherwood Dress by Hell Bunny
Glorious Clutch Bag by Woody Ellen
Gloves from The Gothic Shop.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Office Pinup

Summer is over and it's time to go back to work!
Usually this would make us a little blue, but not this time, because we have some wonderful new dresses in which make us look forward to getting up each morning!

Plus, it's time to put away our summer dresses and nautical and bright floral prints, and replace them with tartans and darker florals, and all those delicious autumn and winter inspired patterns and colours. And to chase away your autumn blues, or maybe get you even more excited about the upcoming seasons, we've put together a few sets featuring pieces we just can't seem to get enough of!

We did say that we are looking forward to darker florals, didn't we? This dress is an absolute dream, and while it hugs the curves, it's still perfectly appropriate for  your every day. That, however, doesn't mean  you won't be turning heads!

And how about this gorgeous burgundy beauty? It features a velvet flocked print with a forest fairy tale scene. We added one of our favourite purses, and chose the lipstick to match. We're a bit old school that way, and like to match things, especially when it comes to blacks and reds.

We love the new tartans coming in this fall, and this dress is just perfect for those crisp fall days! We especially like the combination of red, white and green on it, which lets us pair it with all kinds of details. Of course, we still want a bit of fire in our days, so we added red details for that extra pop!

Is there such a thing as appropriate glam in the workplace? We are certain there is! A wonderful velvet-flocked skirt, a classical black cardigan... It just oozes style! And of course, adding a pair of unexpectedly eclectic heels turns that class into sass!

Are you a summer child, or do you prefer the colder part of the year?

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Weekend Getaway

Summer vacations may be over, but that doesn't mean that you are bound to stay where you are until winter! Early autumn is the perfect time for a weekend getaway, preferably somewhere to the countryside where you can enjoy the pleasantly warm days, crisp, fresh nights and all the bounty nature has to offer.

And this month, we are here to help you plan your weekend escape in style! We are suggesting four outfits - for everything you might need, from country walks to romantic dinners, that are sure to make you feel and look your best.

There is nothing quite like arriving in style. We admit to have caught the pink flamingo virus going on in the fashion world this summer, and decided to go over the top with it. Sometimes you just have to indulge your girly side and go with all pink everything!

An essential part of every weekend getaway is the relaxing stroll through the countryside. We mixed and matched patterns here for a more relaxed, playful look, but kept the colours down to the classics – black, white and red.

A romantic dinner is a highlight of every weekend getaway, and we went with an Audrey Hepburn style dress and shoes you can dance in all night long.

And sometimes you just need to take a leisurely stroll through a small town and admire the shops, take in the air and find the perfect cup of tea and a dessert. Perhaps a lemon tart? This skirt really does put us in the mood for some lemon-based treats! 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A Dress For Every Occasion

We all know the mythical LBD - The absolutely must have little black dress which is oh so incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down or worn to just about any occasion.

Well, with a little tweaking, this goes for a lot of dresses, and we decided to try our hand at the whole idea. We chose a shirtwaist dress we are absolutely in love with - The Meadow Dress, and created four sets for four occasions.

The first is our casual way to wear a dress, because far too many dresses linger in the closet waiting for a right occasion. We're not afraid to pair our dress with a pair of baseball shoes and a bandana for a quick and easy style.

Of course, an occasion like a party requires a little more effort, so we added some heels, a lovely parasol to keep you safe from sunburn, and a pretty little purse that matches the overall colours.

Vamping this dress up for a night on the town was as easy as adding a higher heel and bolder jewellery (and black nail polish, because we're feeling extra vampy tonight), and a heartbreaker bag

Of course, this dress is just as suitable for your workday, especially when paired with a cute cardigan, an adorable hair clip and a purse, all decked out in cherries for extra sweetness in your day!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

How To Wear Blue in Summer

Any shade of blue works for summer. Think clear blue skies to deep rolling oceans, and Rockabilly Pinup has you covered from light pastels to navy, with designs including cheerful kittens and cherries to pristine whites contrasting on different hues of blue. And for that classic look we've even thrown in a little satin.

Amelia Kitten Print Pastel Blue 50's Dress features a sweetheart neckline and a complimentary wide belt. Just grab your cardigan and heels and you're ready to go!

If you're looking for office chic then the April Cherries print dress is perfect. A classic below-knee navy blue dress with capped sleeves to keep you cool throughout the 9 to 5 grind.

We absolutely love this nautically inspired Ambleside dress. Featuring a contrast striped sailor collar and hemline with gathering in the underbust and darts to shape the waistline. Team with bright red lipstick and heels for the ultimate summer ensemble.

Ahoy there! A key print for the season featuring anchors, ships wheels and stars adorn this beautiful Hepburn dress which we have just unpacked!

The incredibly elegant blue black satin of the Selema Dress makes it a firm wardrobe favourite for any evening occasion. Draping elegantly over your hips and thighs, with a high waistband and gathered boat neckline, this dress will shine wherever you go.

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Wedding Season

Yikes! It’s the wedding season!
If you go online to see tips and tricks for weddings, you get overwhelmed by contrary information, advice and counter-advice and just so much information it sets your head spinning.  We know, because we just suffered through it. And we suffered through it so you don’t have to! In the end, we boiled it all down to several simple and sensible guidelines: Don’t overshadow the bride, don’t wear anything that might not be appropriate in a town hall/church, and wear something you will feel good in!

See, we told you it was sensible, didn’t we?

To help you out even more, we put together a few sets to get you in the right festive mood, and inspire your wedding outfits!

Does it get more elegant and festive than this dress? We went all matchy-matchy with the accessories, using different shades of turquoise to reflect the distinct colours on the dress.

We can’t get enough of this dress. Just like the lady it was named for, the Hepburn radiates style and grace and class.  It’s the perfect companion- classical in cut, and ladylike and playful in pattern. We matched the nail polish to the blue butterflies, and the purse to the belt and the black butterflies. There’s no going wrong there!

Of course, you might want to go for something more youthful in case the wedding is more of a cocktail party style and has a less traditional dress code.  This dress is just a bit above  knee length, so you can show off some leg too! 

We saved the most playful dress for last. This gorgeous summer dress is a burst of vivid colour, and just the perfect thing to celebrate life and love. We can't get enough of this gorgeous purple, and decided to leave it as the main colour, and choose complementary accessories. 

Green Glamorous Dress - VenusMantrap

VenusMantrap | Villy V
Green Velvet Glamorous Dress

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Seaside Sweetheart

Summer is almost here, and that means we get to indulge in all the colourful, vivacious and quirky prints. Well, we got to enjoy them the rest of the year too, but there is just something extra special about summer themed prints.
This year we are going a bit nuts over nautical themes, and just looking at them makes us smell salty air and hear seagulls. 

If you're anything like us, you're sure to enjoy the sets we created!

We are absolutely in love with this dress. It is so flattering and so comfortable we just want to fill our closet with it. Lucky us, it comes in three colours- blue, pastel blue and black! 

Capris and a cute top are our summer staple, and we never seem to get tired of them. This set pairs the red, black and white, your staple nautical colours for a fresh summer look.

Oh this dress! We have been in love with it the entire last summer, and our love is still going strong. It is a guaranteed fit for any figure, and comes with pockets!

They used to say -never mix your prints, but some of the best outfits,  in our opinion, come from breaking the rules! It's summer! Be wild, be bold, be your wonderful self! Featuring Oceana skirt and Dolly top.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Rock the colour Red!

Look sizzling hot this season in vintage reds.  Spice up your wardrobe with our selection of dresses, trousers, tops and accessories. 

1.  Josefine Dress
This 50's style dress by Lindy Bop has 3/4 sleeves , flared skirt and soft stretch jersey black and white stripe Breton style top with bateau neckline.

2. Dolly Striped Top
Classic stripes in red and white this top features a fitted fabric with tie up front and off the shoulder neckline

3.  Cilla Top with black polkadots
A Hell Bunny favourite  made from a red stretch cotton with cute black polkadots. It has ties, slightly off shoulder sleeves and pretty looped trim . 

4.  Bardot Top 
Available in Red, Black and Blue,  this stylish top is stretchy with off shoulder sleeves and tie up front

5.  Tina Capris 
Fitted Pedal Pushers by Hell Bunny are tailored to show off your curves, with a v cut on the calves.

6.  Carla Swing Dress 
The Carla is a stunning polkadot swing dress featuring a black bodice with Bardot style neckline with bow detailing to the strap

7. Lila Black Bow Purse
Banned brings us this super cute shiny purse with a big bow and comparements for notes, cards and zipped coins. 

8.  Little Cherry Handbag
Detailed with embroidered applique red satin cherries and blue forget me not flowers on the front flap this handbag will suit your everyday needs. 

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Monday, 1 May 2017

Roses & Weddings

If you have received a flurry of wedding invitations in the mail for Spring / Summer Weddings, fear not, as we have put together 3 rose inspired looks for you to wear to those special events throughout the season of 'Matrimonial Bliss'.

A Rose is ingrained in English tradition, inspiring feelings of Happiness, Desire and Love. 'Wearing your heart on your sleeve' is a very significant term when choosing a Floral Rose Print Dress to celebrate the union of close friends.

Rose colours also have different meanings so by wearing various colours it unconsciously shows a much deeper sentiment. Take this 1950's Violet and Grey Rose Print Dress, the colour combinations symbolize 'Love at first sight' and 'Unity'. Both very fitting for a wedding, I'm sure you'll agree.
This beautiful Cream Audrey Rose Print Dress is elegant and appropriate with pink, red and melon coloured blooms representing passion, beauty and joy. Featuring a sleeveless and fitted bodice with a flared skirt and a charming bow to match.

Wiggle those hips into this stunning Vintage Rose Pinup Pencil Dress,  featuring red, pink, blue and peach roses which all embody the emotions of admiration, devotion and friendship.

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

You Animal!

Can we ever get enough of novelty prints?
Well, no, not really! There is something about them that cheers us up immensely! They are full of life and creativity and just oh so fun! 
We rounded up our favourite prints from the animal world this month to suggest four vivacious outfit ideas!

Our first set, Flamingo Fracas, deserves that name! Bold colours and an even bolder print make this dress stand out. We paired it with a cute and cheeky accessories for that perfect summer style.

Poodles are an essential vintage print, and we've been in love with this dress ever since we first saw it. It is vintage without being costumey, and the cut is timeless and elegant. 
Poodle Pandemonium indeed!

Puffin Perturbation is just so darn sweet! I mean, is there anyone who doesn't like puffins? And this sweet turquoise dress is just perfect for spring and early summer!

We saved the Butterfly Bustle for last. We just can't get over how amazing the combo of a black base and classical cut goes with this gorgeous playful butterfly and floral pattern. Adding any other colour to your ensemble except the ones already on the dress would be a sin in our book!