Sunday, 23 April 2017

You Animal!

Can we ever get enough of novelty prints?
Well, no, not really! There is something about them that cheers us up immensely! They are full of life and creativity and just oh so fun! 
We rounded up our favourite prints from the animal world this month to suggest four vivacious outfit ideas!

Our first set, Flamingo Fracas, deserves that name! Bold colours and an even bolder print make this dress stand out. We paired it with a cute and cheeky accessories for that perfect summer style.

Poodles are an essential vintage print, and we've been in love with this dress ever since we first saw it. It is vintage without being costumey, and the cut is timeless and elegant. 
Poodle Pandemonium indeed!

Puffin Perturbation is just so darn sweet! I mean, is there anyone who doesn't like puffins? And this sweet turquoise dress is just perfect for spring and early summer!

We saved the Butterfly Bustle for last. We just can't get over how amazing the combo of a black base and classical cut goes with this gorgeous playful butterfly and floral pattern. Adding any other colour to your ensemble except the ones already on the dress would be a sin in our book!

Emily Dress - Gaelira Gwaelon

Model> Gaelira Gwaelon
Photographer> Bojan Rakic
Emily dress by H&R London
Jewellery > SBDesigns