Monday, 19 June 2017

Wedding Season

Yikes! It’s the wedding season!
If you go online to see tips and tricks for weddings, you get overwhelmed by contrary information, advice and counter-advice and just so much information it sets your head spinning.  We know, because we just suffered through it. And we suffered through it so you don’t have to! In the end, we boiled it all down to several simple and sensible guidelines: Don’t overshadow the bride, don’t wear anything that might not be appropriate in a town hall/church, and wear something you will feel good in!

See, we told you it was sensible, didn’t we?

To help you out even more, we put together a few sets to get you in the right festive mood, and inspire your wedding outfits!

Does it get more elegant and festive than this dress? We went all matchy-matchy with the accessories, using different shades of turquoise to reflect the distinct colours on the dress.

We can’t get enough of this dress. Just like the lady it was named for, the Hepburn radiates style and grace and class.  It’s the perfect companion- classical in cut, and ladylike and playful in pattern. We matched the nail polish to the blue butterflies, and the purse to the belt and the black butterflies. There’s no going wrong there!

Of course, you might want to go for something more youthful in case the wedding is more of a cocktail party style and has a less traditional dress code.  This dress is just a bit above  knee length, so you can show off some leg too! 

We saved the most playful dress for last. This gorgeous summer dress is a burst of vivid colour, and just the perfect thing to celebrate life and love. We can't get enough of this gorgeous purple, and decided to leave it as the main colour, and choose complementary accessories. 

Green Glamorous Dress - VenusMantrap

VenusMantrap | Villy V
Green Velvet Glamorous Dress