Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Four First Dates

February, the time when all of nature sings of love and.. other things.
There is a certain new hope in the air, the promise of a winter soon over and of longer, sunnier days. What's not to love about it?
We're looking forward to spring, to new beginnings, to young and fresh love, so to celebrate it all, we decided to put together four perfect first date outfits, to inspire you (and us)! 

We're opening with this red and blue number, with black accents. Don't be afraid to mix various shades of one colour, like we did here with blues. They will only serve to complement each other, and the rich, elegant shade of red of this dress

The key to pink is the amount. too much and the first thing people will think is either a popular online feline, or a giggling teenage girl. That's by no means to say that you shouldn't think pink! We added (almost) all pink accessories to this black and pink dress to create a striking and bold, yet alluring set. 

And if you wear your heart on your sleeve, and strut the world proud, why not do it in a red velvet dress? After all, the finest pralines come in a velvet box, and so should your luscious self! Don't be afraid to pair this dress with high heels as the swing of your hips will really make it come alive! 

If elegant, old world style is your preference, and a walk through rainy Parisian streets is your idea of the perfect first date, why not go with this sleek and very late 50's inspired poodle print dress? This dress calls for a somewhat lower heel and simple but striking accessories, such as a heart shaped purse to send the right message. 

What is your idea of a perfect first date? We'd love to hear it!