Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spooky Style at Rockabilly Pin Up

The autumn season is nearly upon us, with the mystery of the darker nights also comes the festival of All Hallows Eve: And Halloween means so many great things! Carving our own Jack O Lanterns (Adult supervision and plasters at the ready), Going out on Halloween evening after dark and collecting bags and bags of sweeties from neighbors is also another great perk. And not forgetting those fabulous fancy dress parties where most of us drink far too much punch for our own good. But for many of us Halloween is a chance to really go to town with our outfits.

Want to have some fun with your Rockabilly style over the Halloween season? We see no reason not too. First stop: Rockabilly Pin Up for a great range of Rockabilly and Gothic combined spooky wear! Here are some of my favorite items for Halloween on the Rockabilly Pin Up website.

Skull Rose Pendant on Red Polka Dot Choker £27.50
This pretty silver skull choker has everything the Halloween Rockabilly outfit needs to finish it off. You have the essential-to-the-look skull feature on a lipstick red and polka dot ribbon! With scarlet Swarovski crystals for eyes you have immediate retro bling. Beautifully fastened at the back, its a perfect example of Gothic Rockabilly style! 

Once Halloween has been and gone, you needn't ditch the style! Why not make that Gothic and Rockabilly look a more established look in your wardrobe? That way you will be able to express your love for the dark side way beyond the 31st of October! One example that caught my eye was this very cute Sugar Skull designed shoulder bag available on Retro Pin Up. Made from a hard wearing black matte fabric, it features Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skull design. Perfect for work or while you are out shopping, simple and effortlessly spooky chic for you everyday!

Black Day Bag with Sugar Skull £44.50
No doubt there will be masses of 'Trick or Treaters' knocking on your door on All Hallows Eve! We at Rockabilly Pin Up advise you to be prepared! Get ready with lots of bite sized treats (and we don't mean your pet Alsatian- George), if there are any left over then even better. Why not truly get into the 'spirit' of things for when all the little darlings come round and slip into one of Rockabilly Pin Up's range of Halloween inspired clothing?

Sailor Skull and Anchors Purple Stripe Cardigan by Banned £23.50

One of my Halloween favorites on the website is this Sailor Skull and Anchors Purple Stripe Cardigan by Banned. Not only is it fitted to hug and keep you warm but it importantly features those very Rockabilly motifs of skulls, roses and anchors with bows along with the nautical stripes. Perfect for those who want to go with a more casual Halloween style. Wearing Fancy dress? Team this cutie pie cardigan over your outfit for a very stylish way to keep warm on the 31st of October and all those other autumn and winter nights!

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