Friday, 17 May 2013

Top Rockabilly Tattoos

Us Rockabilly gals and guys love tattoos! Getting inked is a growing thing with more of us going under the needle and loving it!  

Full length tattoo sleeves with a quirky vintage dress or quiff and teddy boy get up could not be hotter. It's tough but undeniably stylish at the same time. Thinking about getting ink done for the first time but not sure what to get? Here are some top Rockabilly body art to inspire:  

Retro Roses: A feminine tattoo motif that is mega popular with both the guys and the girls! Everyone loves roses. They look great on all shapes and sizes which is a bonus. That bright red shows up beautifully wherever it is placed on the body. Roses on the chest make for an unusual but pretty quirky look. Something away from the traditional arm tattoos. Wear with your low cut dress and a patterned scarf tied in your hair for an alternative vintage chic.  

Sinister Skulls: Skull tattoos can be done any way you want them to be! As sugar skulls or something a lot more terrifying. A motif that has been used so much in the military in past years. Also a popular with those wanting a reminder that death is always so close by. Skulls look fab with roses, spiders webs for a Halloween look for Samhain fans. Mexican Day of the Dead Skulls make for some of the most vibrant tattoos.  

Ahoy Anchors: The sailor theme is a strong  one, anyone who is serious about Rockabilly will have something Anchor-like on their person. Whether it be a pretty pendant and pair of neon earrings or a more permanent thing! Tattoos can look attractive almost anywhere you decided to have them, especially when it comes to fierce Rockabilly ones. Have your Anchor or roses on the top of your feet! Your tootsies will look awesome in any pair of heels from this moment on! 

Gorgeous girls: Those pin up tattoo's are a real hit. The late Amy Winehouse sported a vintage lady on her arm. Girls on girls is a very sexy look when it comes to ink. Dare to express your inner goddess or ideal woman through your body art! 

Stars: stylized stars add more than a hint of glitz to a Rockabilly outfit. Even more so when it is a tattoo! Check out these gorgeous examples of star clusters. The perfect Rockabilly tattoo can be finished off nicely with a group of black or gold stars. Even stars alone can express your sparkly side. 

Cherries: Find them on cute earrings, sweet little pendants on necklaces even brooches- but how cool are they as tattoos? The answer is 'Very'! These small fruits are pretty as a single tattoo on a shoulder or as part of your bigger group of Rockabilly motif tattoos! 

Still undecided about your inked Rockabilly look? Any professional tattoo parlor will have some cool designs on display for you to choose from. Failing that most reputable places will be able to design tattoos that are personal to you. 

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