Thursday, 27 June 2013

Floral Prints for Rockabilly

Roll up Rockin' gals for summer's most stylish looks, from dresses to accessories, floral prints are the season's main attraction.  We have picked out a few florals to get your style blossoming...

We all love a touch of luxury, that thrill of wearing something new for the first time is hard to beat, so we recommend you grab this Cannes Red Rose Floral 50's Dress for style that is sexy and wallet-friendly.

While this red and black floral print White cotton vintage dress with puff sleeves, a sweetheart shaped neckline is so fitting for summer, you'll need little in the way of accessories. Blooming marvellous!

Thanks to the multi-cultural influence in fashion,  we have this Aztec designed dress of red roses, Day of the Dead skulls, tequila bottles and cacti, which lends a modern edge to floral prints whilst still embracing the past.

Hugely inspired by flowers this season, this Rose Heart necklace is show stoppingly sexy and a Rockabilly Pinup summer time favourite!

Sometimes, the classics can't be beaten, like this red and cream double rose hair clip which combines a vintage colour combination with the most romantic of flowers.

Lastly,  make sure you order this beautiful red and white poppy wallet with polka dot print and kiss lock.  Harder to stuff your life into but very sophisticated, yet playful at the same time. 

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