Saturday, 15 March 2014

Pretty pastels for spring summer 2014

There's nothing like cute pastel colours when it comes to springtime dressing! What's there not to love about the lighter of shades? They are fresh, pretty and look fab in all their guises. The lighter shades are surprisingly versatile too, light pinks, for example can work well with grey office outfits. It's these brighter of colours that can bring a zing to the mundane everyday. Pastel pinks, blues, greens and yellows also work well when worn alone. Find them on those cute Rockabilly dresses for an everyday chic that can't be beat! There are many ways in which you can bring pretty pastels into your outfit with Rockabilly Pin Up. 

Flamingo Dusky Pink Knit Cardigan by Banned 
Finding the right combination of style and comfort in a cardigan is not always the easiest of tasks. They can often be bulky and too warm for the hazy spring and summer evenings. One could find that these often cover up a gorgeous outfit rather than highlight it. Well the Flamingo Dusky Pink Cardigan from Banned can be just what you need. It's pastel pink but not as we know it- a darker shade of this most flattering colour adorns the fine woolen knit work. A pair of cute floral and flamingo details are embroidered at the shoulder and waist to give it an essential Rockabilly feel. The keyhole at the collar as well as the tie up neck are details that make this a feminine accessory. A stylish way to stay warm rather than just a 'cover up' to hide your fab figure! Altogether a sugary sweet look that will keep the chill at bay!

Sheila Green Apple Day Daisy Print Dress by Hell Bunny 
Pastel colours come in all the shades of the rainbow, from the brighter version's that are almost transparent to the deeper opaque shades. A darker pastel green can be very effective, as seen in the Sheila Green Apple Daisy Print Dress. Here it is mixed with the bright blood red of those juicy apples along with the apple blossom. The pretty print brings out the light jade of the dress giving it that essentially spring feel. Take a look at the tailoring too: The low 'V' shaped neckline makes the most of the feminine figure. There are ruches in all the right places, at the shoulders and bust for a perfect fit. As a result this day dress is made to flatter all forms.   
Flamingo Green Knit Cardigan by Banned 

Sticking with the theme of green, the sultry light green version of the Dusky Pink Knitted Cardigan by Banned is just as effective. Brand new in for the spring summer 2014, it has all the great features of the dusky pink version including the flamingo and floral motifs at the upper chest. Then there is the same key hole at the collar with tie ribbon. A chic cardigan that will make a wonderful addition to any rockabilly outfit, this cardigan will also add a touch of class to a pair of everyday jeans and t-shirt. 

Love your pastels? Rockabilly pin up  have the perfect accessories to lighten up your summer outfits this year!


  1. The Mexican Day of the Dead Hawaiian Waterfall Dress is stunning. But so are so many others you have on this site! I have a feeling I'm about to go broke! Lol

  2. The entire peacock range is divine! I don't know how to choose!