Wednesday, 14 May 2014

1950's Vintage Chic at Rockabilly Pin Up

You won't need anyone to tell you that vintage is a hot trend at the moment. This is in interiors, product design and of course, fashion. There are a million and one reasons why it's such a hot look when it comes to what we wear. Firstly it is timeless in it's appeal - the tea dress and shrug is as wearable today as it was 60 years ago. Next, one should take a look at the tailoring - 1940's and 50's chic was all about the most flattering fit, and no matter what the current trend may be, there is always room in our wardrobe for a dress that flatters our curves. 

Here are just a few dresses from the New Additions at Rockabilly Pin Up that will do just that!

Looking for a mix between 'I Love Lucy' and vintage vixen? The Eternity Red Rose 50's White Rockabilly Dress is the dress for you. Created by Hell Bunny, this is Rockabilly at it's finest. There are so many elements that make this a dress worth investing in - take the sweetheart shaped neckline for one. It's the ideal shape to flatter all those upper body curves. Longer length sleeves mean that this dress is perfect for cooler weather as well as summer evening garden parties. But the design itself is another aspect that grabs attention; bright red roses make for a stunning contrast against the white background. The high neckline has a real feel of 50's glamour to it as well as adding to the structured effect of the dress. All this is finished off with a striking red belt, just the thing for that hourglass figure we love so.
Black Flocked 50's Tattoo Dress and H&R London

Vintage doesn't necessarily mean all light and airy, one can still rock the styles from the past with a cute Gothic twist! This black flocked 50's Tattoo dress has all the key elements one could wish for in a glamorous outfit. First of all the tailored look that is so reminiscent of the era. As with all the dresses at Rockabilly Pin Up, the finer details make a huge impact too. It's fitted at the waist for a narrow figure flattering effect. Swallows, anchors, stars and roses adorn the dress, bringing the daring tattoo element to it. The scalloped neckline is ultra chic on all shapes. There is a netted inner petticoat that falls just below the hemline of the dress itself, not only as a cute extra detail, but to help with a subtle flared 50's look.

Elegant Grey Tea Dress

Grey is anything but dull with this elegant tea dress! Sleeveless with a belt-like panel below the bust, this dress is the epitome of vintage class. Covered in feminine white and gold floral motifs that bring out the natural beauty of the grey. The shape makes a bold statement here too, The 50's flared knee length skirt falls beautifully from the fitted bodice styled top. The high neck makes this the ideal dress for that string of pearls in a very Jackie Onassis style. To finish all this off, the bow at the back adds an extra element of fitting, a must have for work as well as any elegant evening do.

Classy, bold, chic and sensual - Vintage dresses at Rockabilly Pin Up are the way to go!

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