Monday, 15 September 2014

Go Rockabilly at Halloween!

If there were ever two styles that went together hand in hand then it has got to be Rockabilly Pin Up and Halloween! These two are just so in love when it comes to style: Just imagine your sweet Rockabilly gal in her pretty 50's inspired halterneck top and flared skirt. Then the handsome Halloween Frank with a sleek zombie look, tattoos and ghoulish grin. Ready to Roll as he rocks up in a Harley from the depths of a town called Hell. He's taking his girl out for a slap up meal and a night to remember on the town! These two are a match made in heaven. There are so many reasons why you just have to go Rockabilly this 31st October... 

The Alveira Teal Dress by Hell Bunny 

With a fitting to die for and a cool teal colour, this lovely tailored dress is a 'must have' for every girl's wardrobe. For a start just look at that amazing vintage fitted feel at the waist, bust and hips. Whether you are curvy, petite, tall or athletic in your build, this is a dress to suit everyone. The material polyester falls beautifully, flattering the figure. Then there are the cute bow and piping details along the edges. If it's 'wearable' you are going for, then you are in the right place- all of the dresses at Rockabilly Pin Up are created with real women in mind. The Alveira dress by Hell Bunny is available in a Cobolt Blue and a Raspberry Red too.

Glamorous Black Lace Tea Dress by Lady Vintage 
There are some dresses that are just so classical in their look that they will never go out of fashion. The sleeveless high necked dress is one of them. The main reason why it's as popular today as ever is that it flatters all figures, especially when there is detail involved. The lace print on this beauty from Lady Vintage makes the dress timeless in it's appeal. The black and white look means that it can be mixed with ghoulish greens and blood red too. Curl up your hair, slip on a pair of your most glam heels, a dash of the reddest red lipstick that you have and you are good to go. Make this dress perfect for Halloween by teaming it with your favourite All Hallows Eve hair accessories and jewellery.

Vampiress Black and Green 50's Dress by Hell Bunny 
Why not add a hint of Halloween into the everyday with this cute number from Hell Bunny? The Vampiress Black and Green 50's dress has Halloween at it's core with the deep black and garish green combination. The green waistband is super flattering along with the green detail on the sleeves, pockets and collar. The perfect dress for those who have been invited to that ultra chic All Hallows Eve party this year. But even if you are staying in with someone special, this dress will not fail to impress your amour!

Love what you see? There is plenty more Halloween style inspiration at Rockabilly Pin Up. It's never too early to be ready for the 31st October, so make sure you get your orders in early to avoid disappointment.

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