Sunday, 15 May 2016

Wedding season

The wedding season is upon us yet again! With sunny skies and lush, blooming nature, it is no wonder lovebirds want to celebrate their union in a setting so perfect and full of life. But while the young couple may have the details of their wedding perfectly planned already, choosing the perfect dress or ensemble to wear can be a bit tricky. 

There are a ton of rules about appropriate and inappropriate wedding attire: no black, no white or light colours, nothing that could overshadow the bride… But those rules change all the time, and it’s never certain how much or what is allowed. Unless the bride herself has noted exactly how she’d prefer the guests to dress, you’ll just have to eyeball it for yourself. Or, since we are already knee-deep in wedding season, you can take a look at our suggestions and get inspiration for your own outfits!

Something old- This beautiful Ophelia dress features an old fashioned floral print with heirloom roses we find simply irresistible. The black detailing serves as counterbalance so the floral pattern doesn’t overwhelm the dress, making just right for a special occasion.

Something new- this fresh and new-looking turquoise dress  is just the right stuff for a little less formal wedding. We paired it with elegant, nude heels and classical, coral coloured jewellery. 

Something borrowed- Well, we admit this one is a bit of a stretch, we had to find the perfect borrowed theme, and we found one, albeit a bit poetic, in this dress. We borrowed the white from the bride’s dress! While this dress isn’t white, which would be a big no-no, it is just the right nod to the bride taking centre stage.

Something blue- Of course we went with a blue dress for this, and chose one with a very demure and elegant cut. The butterfly pattern is beyond reproach, giving the possibly stern looking dress a lighter look more appropriate for a festive occasion.

We always love to see our customers wearing our dresses, so don't hesitate to send us some photos! 

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