Monday, 19 September 2016

Late Summer

It seems almost as if summer always saves best for last!  Mild, warm days, fresh nights, and a ton of excuses to go out and meet friends and family. We were inspired by the prospect of date nights and get-togethers to put together a few outfit ideas and sets that will make you shine, no matter what the occasion. Just don’t forget to pack a cardi with you in case it gets cold!
What better way to enjoy a picnic than with a light cotton dress and a pair of comfy shoes? There is no need for lots of jewellery, so we kept it to a pair of vintage style earrings, and instead opted to accent our look with a cherry- embroidered cardigan. 

A cocktail party is a lovely way to celebrate late summer.  The monochrome colours will give you an elegant and timeless look, and the floral purse will add a touch of femininity. You don’t need much else except for some pink lip gloss, and you’re ready to go!  Dress.

What better place for a date than the pier? It’s no longer too hot to enjoy cotton candy, and the ice cream no longer melts in your hand. We added a cheeky necklace to this very basic capri and boat neck top set to give it a more playful and polished look. 

Sunday is the perfect day to dress up and go have a lovely lunch somewhere outside. The restaurants still have their terraces open, and after a nice lunch, why not go for a stroll to find that perfect dessert?

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