Monday, 1 May 2017

Roses & Weddings

If you have received a flurry of wedding invitations in the mail for Spring / Summer Weddings, fear not, as we have put together 3 rose inspired looks for you to wear to those special events throughout the season of 'Matrimonial Bliss'.

A Rose is ingrained in English tradition, inspiring feelings of Happiness, Desire and Love. 'Wearing your heart on your sleeve' is a very significant term when choosing a Floral Rose Print Dress to celebrate the union of close friends.

Rose colours also have different meanings so by wearing various colours it unconsciously shows a much deeper sentiment. Take this 1950's Violet and Grey Rose Print Dress, the colour combinations symbolize 'Love at first sight' and 'Unity'. Both very fitting for a wedding, I'm sure you'll agree.
This beautiful Cream Audrey Rose Print Dress is elegant and appropriate with pink, red and melon coloured blooms representing passion, beauty and joy. Featuring a sleeveless and fitted bodice with a flared skirt and a charming bow to match.

Wiggle those hips into this stunning Vintage Rose Pinup Pencil Dress,  featuring red, pink, blue and peach roses which all embody the emotions of admiration, devotion and friendship.

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