Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rockabilly Roses!

How much do we love roses in Rockabilly? They are up there with those anchors and swallows when it comes to all things Rockabilly. These bright red and pink flowers are by far the most symbolic of blooms. Roses bring all things feminine to any look. Even if flowers are not your style- one thing we can all agree on is that those bunches of Roses are so much more than just Valentine's or birthday gifts!

Model Vipers Doll.  Photo by Stephanie Schneider Photography.

Roses on tattoos for example have been around for hundreds of years. It's not just sailors who have been inked with them! Rockabilly and body art have always been inextricably linked so maybe this is where the true value of the rose in this style lies? It's the girls and the guys who are happy to be inked with this flower.

The one bloom that even the most butch of bikers will be happy to be sporting. The 'roses and skulls' look really does rock-whether as a tattoo or on that Rockabilly swing dress. Well Rockabilly Pin Up know that us gals love our roses, here are some of the more subtle but effective floral pieces on offer at Rockabilly Pin Up.

No Rockabilly look would be complete without vintage roses and polka dots! This vintage look head band will get you your Rockabilly look in a jiffy. Just slip it on over that messy up do with the knot at the front for your fantastic 1950's punky housewife look! Take a look at the Rockabilly Pin Up head band collection for different versions of this cute headband.  

Those flowery teddy bears and blooms in vases can be all sweet and innocent. However this is one thing that Roses are not when it comes to Rockabilly and Psychobilly, in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Just take this scarlet red rose with anchor hair clip. There's something so very naughty about this zebra print 'Punk Up Bettie' hair clip! This quirky little example proves that roses need not be huge and garish to make a statement. Sometimes the smallest of these red flowers can turn heads. Add one of the bow styled clips on the Rockabilly Pin Up website to your hairdo.   

Roses on those cute motif's are so very Rockabilly! Subtle but they stand out: Check out this ruby red cardigan by Banned. You many need to do a double take but you will find those intricately embroidered roses wrapped around a polka dotted anchor. But what is even more alluring about this cardigan is the small skull chomping away at a rose at the back. Cute if just a little bit sinister at the same time! Team this cardi with your Rockabilly swing dress for functional Rockabilly look. 

Rockabilly roses are officially hot- get your roses at Rockabilly Pin Up today!

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