Saturday, 18 August 2012

Denim in Rockabilly?

There so much vintage and retro going on right now. We are thinking those long A-line skirts, flared dresses with puffed petticoats, that cheeky nautical look complete with stripes and bows. Who could get more cuter than that? The fabrics one will find on all those retro inspired frocks are elasticated cotton or nylon based ones, designed to sit softly on your curves and make any budding retro goddess look just fine! Lavish and decadent are words that instantly spring to mind.

But that was then and this is now: Yes it's true that Rockabilly has its roots in 1950's style, but fashion has come a long way. What about denim? One of fashions most recognized fabrics since way back when the likes of a brooding James Dean made his pair of Lee 101 jeans famous in Rebel Without a Cause. Denim has become a part of fashion consciousness ever since. Is there any place for this hard wearing and fitting fabric in today's Rockabilly Pin Up...?

Signature Turned Up Blue Denim Pencil Skirt  £39.50
The answer is a resounding 'Yes'! Denim has never been hotter. Any great Rockabilly look is about wearing items of clothing that will skim those feminine curves, and nothing does that better than denim! Fitting snugly onto those hips and with  all those pretty details too. This Signature pencil skirt with it's kinky zip and turn up features add a twist to the archetypal little denim skirt.


Want something Rockabilly for your formal office look? Think 'Nautical' for your inspiration, smart but at the same time playful. The Nautical Nancy skirt from Rockabilly Pin Up is a great way to spruce up any office outfit by adding a huge dollop of Rockabilly! The darted hem line along with the high waist feature are perfect examples of why denim is just right for that professional Pin-Up look. Team with a stripy top (as featured) or even a fitted open top blouse.
Nautical Nancy Denim Pencil Skirt £37.50
It's not just skirts that use this iconic material to it's full advantage. Rockabilly Pin Up have this stunning denim and gingham sailor style dress by Nubia on offer. The fitted bodice is the epitome of glamour and will enhance where needed! The pretty sailor detailing on the bodice is super cute. A full swing skirt in gingham fabric comes with cheeky tulle underskirt! Only more proof if needed that denim can be delicious!

Denim and Red Gingham Sailor Dress by Nubia £49.50

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