Sunday, 5 August 2012

Rockabilly Pin-Up for beginners!

Rockabilly has exploded onto our fashion consciousness in the past few years- but actually when you think about it, it was always there; Rockabilly has just grown up and evolved becoming so much more fun! How could you go wrong with wonderfully feminine pin-up style pencil skirts, or nautical themed outfits? It’s dressing up for grownups and is great! The whole look, hair and make-up are all heavily inspired from another era, one that was bolder, not afraid to be different. This is just one of the elements of Rockabilly style that make it so popular!

Here’s the history bit: Rockabilly was initially the name given to a style of music of the 1950’s, a combination of Rock and Roll with Deep South ‘Hill Billy’ music. Take this musical influence with fashion and add a huge dollop of Ultra-Feminine Pin up style and voila! You have the recipe for Rockabilly Pin Up!

Anyone can emulate a fashion icon with Rockabilly Pin Up style: It’s perfect for curvier and slimmer girls alike- there are no manufactured listless cloned models in sight. To get ‘Pin-Up’ girl right you must think ‘individual and original’. It allows you as the wearer to be as fantastical as you like with your costumes! Whether you choose to go for nautical-inspired swimwear or slip into that cheeky little wiggle dress! In a nutshell, Rockabilly is a combination of the vintage and retro, sensual feminine curves colour and shape.

How to rock the Rockabilly for the first time: It may be a daunting thought if you haven’t tried anything like this before. Here are a few pointers to get you started on achieving the look.

Hair plays a massive role in your Rockabilly style! It is normally pinned back neatly, but there are variations on this- so feel free to experiment with floral and feminine hair accessories! Think the Victory Rolls of the 1940’s or a blunt fringe. Hair colour is also important: Stunning reds and block colours are very Rockabilly.

Make-up is bold and beautiful: Flawless skin, eye lined eyes to achieve that cat-eyed flick at the outer corners. Pillar Box red is the characteristic look for lips! Also don’t shy away from showing off your tattoos and piercings, it’s a huge bonus. If you have them, flaunt them!

A simple Rockabilly outfit for beginners could be a pair of fitted cropped trousers with a short cardigan or nautical top. There is only one main condition for any Rockabilly outfit: And that is that it must make you feel amazing! Accessorising could be a skull and cross bones brooch or cherries. These are strong elements of the Rockabilly look along with Bows and Anchors. Slip on some girly shoes which will round off your basic Rockabilly style. Once this is mastered, you will find that you naturally gravitate towards experimenting more.

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Guest Post by Hema Rishi

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