Saturday, 19 January 2013

Rockabilly Pin Up Girls!

Have you overindulged over the festive season? Added on a few extra pounds over Christmas and New Years? Many of us girls have added to our curves this winter. But this certainly doesn't have to be a bad thing- especially not in out opinions at Rockabilly Pin Up!

Although January is the month when new gym memberships will be at an all time high, it might be worth taking a moment to remember all those more curvier Pin Ups. The leading ladies who have graced the screens and fashion magazines over the years. Here are just a few of the most well known

Marilyn Monroe: 
The quintessential pin up, the I.T girl of the 1950's and 60's Marilyn Monroe was synonymous with scandal and some of the worlds most famous men. Her -girl-next-door good looks won her critical acclaim along with that romantic girlish whisper of a voice. Marilyn Monroe invented the American Dream Girl with all these attributes. Known for being a natural beauty too, she was said to have been a size 14. So she certainly was all woman! And her popularity only grew throughout here career as she continued to make movies alongside her modelling. Linked to president John F Kennedy and actor Marlon Brando!

Elizabeth Taylor: This British Born American actress was known for her curvaceous allure as well as the scandal that followed her throughout her career. But her strong Brunette good looks won hera wolrdwide following. Revered like Marilyn Monroe as a natural beauty, Elizabeth Taylor had it all and she did it all looking sexy too! So successful in fact that she managed to amalgamate a huge collection of jewellery given to her as gifts by the men in her life. Most notably by actor Richard Burton. Her lifestyle and early looks continued to be an inspiration to millions until her death. But there's no mistaking that Elizabeth Taylor was a true Pin Up.

Shelley Winters: This American actress graced the stage and screen for well over 50 years. She like her more well known rivals stars in dozens of films and accrued a whole host of awards. Although not the most well known of Pin Up's she was like them a natural and curvy beauty. Shelley Winters attracted a whole host of leading Hollywood men to her door including James Bond actor Sean Connery and Burt Lancaster as well as Errol Flynn. Alongside these affairs she was married four times! At a size 14 to 16 she was what some would consider 'on the larger side' but boy was she a bombshell!

Kelly Brook: There is no better modern role model for young budding Pin Up's nowadays than Kelly Brook. The stunning underwear model has everything a pin up girl needs! Those sensational curves that give her amazing shape, those flawless good looks too. She has been linked to actors Billy Zane and Jason Statham so like the pin ups that have come before she has her fair share of scandal i her love life too. Independent, stylishly fierce and ambitious Kelly Brook is a superb Pin Up!

So we at Rockabilly Pin Up know that it's no bad thing to embrace one's curves! After all they are what makes us feminine and sensual. Even more so when you are picking out that stunning Rockabilly outfit from Rockabilly Pin Up!  

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