Saturday, 22 December 2012

Guide to Rockabilly for Beginners - Part Two

So you have those essential Rockabilly motifs listed down, but in this second part of the 'Rockabilly for Beginners' blog post we will take a look at the style in a little more detail. Firstly we have all seen those seriously sexy swing and jive dresses. But also just as flattering are the nautically inspired pencil skirts with that 'oh-so-naughty' split at the back. Fallen in love with the style? It's so easy to do with all those pretty feminine aspects and shapes.

Rockabilly is a dynamic look, it's bold, bright, colourful and sexy, all the aspects that make us want this look for ourselves. But how do we get it? What exactly is the recipe for the right Rockabilly outfit? Here are some of the aspects to look out for when designing or picking out your perfect Rockabilly dress:

That Itty Bitty Waist: For as long as dresses have been in existence, the narrow waist has been sought after. Women everywhere have done everything they could in their power to get that waspish waistline. Although for centuries women have used corsets to get that narrow look, Rockabilly is unique as it uses the structure of the dress itself to give the image of the slimmer silhouette.  The waist is the centerpiece of your rockabilly look. With a busty top and the flared three-quarter length skirt to balance things out. The slimmer waist looks fab on the pencil dresses too!

Olive Atomic City Revere Pencil Dress by  Limb 
The Rockabilly Print: This aspect has got to be the most fun when it comes to picking out your Rockabilly dress. It really is anything goes! From the all over traditional skull and roses print to Japanese robots. It's a case of the 'quirkier' the better when it comes to your print. Rockabilly Pin Up have pretty much everything from those 1950's atomic style patterns to zombie B-Movie posters! Look out for the larger floral flower prints and quirky cowgirls too.
B-Movie Rockabilly Swing Dress by Hell Bunny 
Sweetheart Neckline: One of the most flattering shapes on your Rockabilly outfit will be the 'sweetheart' neckline, so called because it resembles part of the shape of a heart. It gives the wearer the shape of a larger bust, but is recommended for all shapes and sizes of Rockabilly gal! This fabulous example of a sweetheart neckline can be seen on this red day dress. With the three-quarter length sleeves, the neckline adds a very chic look to a pretty day look. A key retro Rocka look to add to your list!

Pin Up Cowgirl Red Day Dress by Vanity Project Limb
The Full Skirt: Whether you chose a shape inducing pencil skirt or that fabulous flared skirt- you will achieve a great retro look! Rockabilly loves all things retro- the two go hand in hand! Here's a great example of that perfect jive dress. Pink and very floral, this is the quintessential summer dress! The flared underskirt does add volume to the overall shape creating the perfect look.

Pink Floral Summer Dress by Vanity Project Limb 
Head on down to Rockabilly Pin Up and find out more about how you can get the Rockabilly look for yourself!

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