Friday, 1 February 2013

Choosing your first Rockabilly Dress!

It's a fantastic look but how do you go about getting it for the first time? It's only natural to be a little cautious- it's hard to know what will look fabulous and give you the Rockabilly look that you want. Are you looking for the perfect Rockabilly dress but not sure where to start? We at Rockabilly Pin Up know how important it is to dress to your body shape- no matter what natural shape you have been born with. There will be the perfect dress for you. Here is a rough guide on what to look out for when picking your first Rockabilly dress!

Tall ladies: Blessed with supermodel good looks? You have the height to pull almost anything off which is fantastic! Because of your frame we recommend that you look out for those larger prints. Don't hold back: You can wear those big bright tropical orchid prints with ease. Anchors and swallows in all their glory too will look great on all taller ladies.
Green Sea Foam Hawaiian Waterfall Dress
by Vanity Project Limb
Shorties: The vertically challenged girls among us can certainly get away with that cute petite look. Even better if you are a curvy with it. Take your pick of the knee length midi dresses- although we wouldn't recommend going for anything that will swamp your small frame. Shorter dresses look lovely on shorter ladies. Also look out for the smaller prints with dainty details on your skirts and dresses. You can get away with the more delicate dress details very easily like button details on the collars or at the waists.

Black 50s Swing Dress with small white polka dots 
Top Heavy: Women spend thousands on surgery trying to get that perfect hourglass look, but top heavy girls are all natural! Rockabilly girls with a bigger bust will look amazing in the low cut tops and dresses. Go for Halterneck and sweetheart necklines for a really feminine looks. Pinched in waists will give you an enviable Marilyn Monroe-like figure!

Flocked Red 50's Tattoo Print Rockabilly Dress
Iron board fronts: No need to be put off from going Rockabilly if you have a flatter front- you can still be just as feminine as anyone else! One of the advantages of having this frame is that you can get away with showing more detail on the front. You can go for florals or frills and still look supremely sexy! Experiment with styles and a quirky look. Anchor along with all other Rockabilly motifs look great on girls with a slimmer frame.

Anchor Black and White Sassy Dress by Sourpuss
Gals with Hips: If you are a natural pear shaped lady then we would say you have it made! Rockabilly pencil skirts and dresses look fabulous on your body! You can get away with block colors too! But we wouldn't recommend that you try the larger detailed prints- they could make you look and feel overwhelmed. Also if you do chose to go with stripes you should try them going vertically.

Bad Betty Black Dress by Glamour Bunny 

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