Friday, 15 March 2013

Rockabilly Shoes

Getting your glam Rockabilly dress or one piece sorted for that special day out is all well and good but what about accessorising? 

For example your shoes, what you wear on your feet is just as important as anything else. In fact some Rockabilly princesses will tell you that their shoes are the most important part of their outfit. Not sure what to look for when picking out your own perfect pair? Here are just some main features that go into making those Rockabilly shoes great!  

Peek-a-boo tootsies: This isn't essential for your Rockabilly footwear to have this but it sure is cool! Just a cheeky glimpse of that neatly painted big toe nail can make all the difference and make a brilliant retro look. It's very 1950's and ultra chic at the same time, peep toe gaps will add a quirky twist to your footwear.  

Pretty prints: This is such a hot key element to add to your retro vintage look. Rockabilly prints give you the chance to really stand out from the crowds-whether you opt for big bright pink flamingo's or those cute leopard spot prints, anything goes. This is even more so when it comes to your shoes. Colour and print clashing is also allowed so wear your animal prints with your skull and roses if you like.

Heels: Whether it's those skinny itty bitty long heels, or the more chunkier square shaped ones. Heels in whatever shape or size are a big part of your Rockabilly shoes. Not only do they give you height but you get a great feminine posture through wearing them. They tense up your calf and thigh muscles and give you a great posture almost instantly. Can't wear sky scraper heels? Well even the mid length heels can be just as effective, so long as you actually have some height on your feet. Mary Jane's and flat ballerina pumps can look cute too, but heels really do add some ladylike class to your ensemble.

Bows: Printed or plain ribbons are cute on any part of your Rockabilly outfit. Whether on a hair fascinator style piece right down to the shoes. Over sized bows look are just the ticket for that 'Disney' effect. The celebrities love the sugary sweet effect from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry. Bright pink bows on your shoes are uber cool!

Customising your shoes: Have you searched high and low and not been able to find exactly what you are looking for? Feeling a bit creative? Well get out your beads and sequins, using your needle and thread make those plain heels really sparkle. You can sew on those tiny skull and cross bone decals too. If you are more of a girls girl then something as simple as pearl beads could do the trick. You could try attaching novelty patches of ghouls too, you can't go wrong with an eclectic look.  

There is no right or wrong look for Rockabilly shoes only that they are feminine, so you can rock that funky footwear with any Rockabilly outfit! 

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