Thursday, 10 December 2015

Festive Florals

Holiday season is approaching, and with it the season of parties and family gatherings.  We love this time of the year as it combines all our favourite things: good food, friends, shiny lights and plenty of opportunities to dress up!  There is (almost) no better time than the holiday season to drag out your favourite reds and whites and greens, to strut around in red heels, and leave red lipstick marks on everyone's cheeks.

The first set, Candy Cane, features a white floral skirt combined with red heels and a green cardigan. We could have kept the earrings more neutral, but really, when are you supposed to go all out and be a bit silly if not now?!

Candy Cane

The Winter Flower is a rare bloom, with rich, vibrant colours and bold makeup. You might want to save this styling for the office party or a dinner out with friends, because really, your  eyeliner should be appreciated by as many people as possible!

Winter Flower

Roses in the snow pairs this lovely red and white dress with a sweetheart neckline, with cherry red boots. After all, they DO say that you should match your belt to your shoes, don't they?  We kept the makeup and accessories sweet and simple, accenting the white and red with the just a little flick of black eyeliner.

Roses in the snow

Nothing says timeless classics like this dress. The painted rose print and the boat neckline are sure to be appropriate for just about any occasion.  We added a cardigan with pearl buttons as well as a pearl necklace and earrings, to transform it into a truely timeless masterpiece.

Pearls and roses

Enjoy your holidays! We're off to find some gingerbread cookies <3

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