Thursday, 1 October 2015

Cardi weather

Most people associate rockabilly with long hot summers, skimpy skirts and outdoorsy fun. But what oh what is a vintage gal to do when the colder weather sets in? Why, make a grab for the cardi of course!

We here at rockabilly pinup are big fans of cardigans, as they are not only super stylish, but they also allow us to wear our favourite dresses even as the colder weather sets in. We have a very very hard time parting from our dresses, be they wiggle or swing.

While the weather is still somewhat warm, you can ward off the chill with a nice bolero.....

but as the scent of roasted chestnuts drifts through the crisper air, you might want to grab something that gives you a bit more coverage. Spending autumn in bed with the sniffles is a waste of perfectly dreamy weather!

Pairing a lighter dress with a snuggly warm cardigan and a pair of warmer tights can help it survive the dreaded wardrobe turnover we suffer through every season,

or you can pair a cardi with a wiggle skirt and go for the sassy librarian look (cat eye glasses optional ;) )

And if you, like us, love taking long strolls through crispy leaves, why not grab a pair of wickedly delicious trousers from our sister site and pair them with the naughty and nice peek-a-boo sweater, to keep nice and warm while you enjoy some hot cider ;)

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