Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Does Halloween make you scream?

It seems we just can't get enough of Halloween here at Rockabilly pinup!
First we presented you with a few sets of Halloween costumes, and now we are back with even more Halloween ideas!

This time, however, we will not be giving you costume ideas, but wardrobe suggestions inspired by Halloween.

Not all of us like to dress up, or can, due to work or classes or a million other reasons, but we still want to celebrate Halloween in our own special way.

This is why we created these sets, to sneak Halloween into your everyday, and to have an outfit that you can walk out of in the office, and walk in to a party!

The Ghoul School is a cute outfit featuring the Horror Gal dress and the sugar skull lunch bag.  We went for the cute side of creepy and accessorised it with blue eyeshadow and a lipstick that screams candy!

Ghoul school

The Flaming bat is a fiery and feisty outfit in red and black. The Bat dress has been accessorised with a small purse, hair flower, and black and red flame pumps that are sure to catch everyone's eye.

Flaming bat

The Golden Death has a spooky name, but the colours are all rich and full! The spider necklace and snakeskin-look boots add that little hint of danger to the dress, while the golden lipstick gives you an otherworldly glow.
Golden Death

And finally, the Graveyard Queen. You can dress her up or down by adding ghoulish tights and macabre accessories, but we recommend the bright red lipstick and the skeleton finger heels for that little bit of extra Halloween spirit!

Graveyard queen

For all links of items shown in the images please view all sets on our Polyvore.  Get 15% off your order placed before the end of October 2015 with coupon code RPBHW15.

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