Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Glam Noir

Ever since we had stories we had the Bad Girls. Those who walked the forbidden paths, those who disobeyed. And even though in the stories they most often ended up being punished, a whole lot of us saw something completely different- courage, power, adventure.  The witches and the girls who ran away from home, the ones straying from the path, they were the ones having the most fun.

And there is no better embodiment of the glamour of the Bad Girl than the one in the vintage era, a black queen in a sea of pastel princesses, the irresistible vamp.

The black rose features a black satin dress, as soft as rose petals, but every rose, of course, has thorns. The spike heels and the ring with the stylised blood drop tell you to beware, but who could resist such a seductive flower?

Black rose

Hellebore seems like a simple flower at first glance, but she hides a deadly secret.  One wrong touch, and you're a goner! The dress is simple, yet elegant, just like the pearl earrings.


Nightshade resents being called deadly. It's not her fault your heart is too weak to handle her.
The slinky, draped dress emphasises the curves, and the accessories borrow their colour from the lush, juicy colour of the plant's fruit.


The gorgeous lady Hemlock will simply take your breath away. She is graceful and elegant, almost delicate. We'd like to say that you won't know what hit you, but as she wafts past you in her satin dress you will catch a glimpse of her telltale deadly jewellery and be forced to face your fate.


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