Friday, 5 February 2016

Valentine's day is here!

Spring is almost here, kitties and birdies have been singing love songs all day and all night, and we're so happy with warmer and longer days we can't even be upset that we sometimes get robbed of sleep.

It seems that this year we're full of love and warm feelings. So we decided to celebrate, both with a collection of Valentine's day inspired sets, and a special discount for you!
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Everyone should feel their own special brand of love!

With a swish of a black dress and the shimmer of her silk stockings, the Temptress promises unearthly delights. Look closer though, and you'll see the dangers.

The Temptress

This bold red and black dressed girl seems to float a few inches above the ground. Puppy Love makes every girl stand up a bit taller. Just make sure not to catch a cold on your evening walks!

Puppy Love

When love goes wrong, nothing goes right!
And the best cure for being Lovesick, sometimes, is to throw on your leather jacket, some red heels, a sassy top and a pair of tight capris, exchange your red rose for a black one, and pick yourself up again!


Pink and pale blue join together in this lovely dress, just the perfect thing for a romantic outing, or your very own special ForeverAfter
Forever after

Sometimes you just have to put on some rose-coloured glasses and see the world a little sunnier!
Spring roses and gentle pink shades. Everything is sweet and romantic with this cupcake dress!

Rose-coloured glasses

What are your plans for Valentine's day?

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