Monday, 4 April 2016

April Showers

Bring May flowers!  Everyone knows that one, right? But what to do and what to wear when those showers can just pop out of nowhere and be gone in a matter of minutes?  Well, after the second ruined hair and wet dress, we decided to sit down and come up with some ideas, because we refuse to spend our April days running around in wellies and a plastic raincoat on the off chance it rains.

Pink Tulips bloom all over this this lovely spring themed skirt. A pink umbrella and platforms will keep the rain away from you and provide lovely accents to the skirt. We kept the top simple, with a flattering sweetheart neckline, and added flower-shaped earrings. What a beautiful way to welcome spring!
Pink Tulips

Dangerous kitty has no fear of bad hair days rocking this awesome bandana. We kept the colours to red and black, with skinny jeans and creepers giving you that old school slim silhouette, and a classical red top with swallows. The laser-cut kitty earrings and black bangles give it a bit more modern feel you can rock everywhere.

Dangerous kitty
Cream Tea(l) has the teal dress taking centre stage, with the rest of the accessories serving only to accentuate the bright and strong colour and the flattering ladylike cut.  The matching ring gives an additional accent to the hands, and the lipstick is kept creamy and flesh-coloured.

Cream Tea(l)

Rain Jewel builds up on the black wiggle dress with deep rich ruby and emerald tones. No need to control you frizz when you can just wear a turban and let the rest of your hair be its glorious rain-kissed self, and when all eyes will be drawn to your deep ruby lips and the wiggle in your step!

Rain Jewel

What are your favourite pieces for spring?
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