Thursday, 14 April 2016

Rocky Horror Picture Show

There are few films as iconic as the Rocky Horror Picture show.  Nobody who saw it stepped out of the theatre or away from the screen as they were before, and the songs worm their way into your mind forever.
RHPS showings bring together people from a variety of backgrounds to enjoy and participate in the screenings and the shows, and as such is a unique cultural phenomenon. It was, of course, just a question of time when we’ll be attending a show and want to do our own version of the famous dress-up.
Being of a rockabilly and pinup persuasion, we naturally added our own twist to the iconic costumes. 

Dammit Janet is for the sweet, sweet ladies… well, almost. The innocence of the deery me dress and the demure cardigan and jewellery are brought into question when you take one look at the platform heels.

Time Warp is very tongue in cheek. We’re not ones for button up shirts, but we honour the occasion with a lovely black and white polka dot top, cigarette pants that are almost formal, and two-tone saddle shoes. The cherry on top are the clock-hand earrings.

I can make you a man is our take on the iconic scrubs and pink gloves scene. We prefer form flattering dresses and our latex in a more shapely form, but satin opera gloves and show girl platforms will indeed bring out the man, or creature of the night in your object of desire.

Hot Patootie is the perfect homage to the bad and the mad boy RHPS.  Who could resist an outfit of sleek black paired with animal print and accented with bright red details?

What is your favourite RHPS moment? We’d love to hear from you! As always, you can view all our sets on Polyvore

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