Friday, 19 August 2016

Femmes fatales

There is nothing quite like the femme fatale! It is the other side of the vintage coin- and one that is equally alluring to all vintage loving gals. There is something especially fun about being a bad girl, even if it is for just a day (or night). It’s a new and unexpected freedom, and a different way of self-expression. This time we are celebrating the bad girls - the vamps, the femmes fatales, the ones from the wrong side of the track!
We’re kicking it off with The poisoner - Dressed in black from toe to head, with a full moon applique skirt and a daring top, and jewellery that labels her as poison, she is indeed something quite different and special, and to be handled with care!

Deadly sweet is anything but the girl next door. In tight capris and a skull-cherrynecklace, she’ll lure you to your doom with a wink behind her paper parasol.  We also played around with the nautical theme, perfect for the warm summer days and luring sailors to their doom.

Vicious is one dangerous lady. In a bold red dress and high heels, she may look as pretty as an orchid, but remember that orchids are one dangerous, seductive flower! And if you get too close, you’ll see that the heart she wears around her neck is black as night.

And we left our Spider’s kiss for last. She wears her darkness proudly with a spider web skirt and jewellery from the gothic shop. It’s the best of both worlds! She’s our nod to the Gothabilly- a perfect blend of rockabilly and goth.

Which one of these is your favourite?

Don’t forget you can find all of these sets on our polyvore site too!

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