Sunday, 20 November 2016

Oh kitten!

We're big fans of cats, kitties and kittens. We've been known to utter the phrase: "Are you kittin' me ?!" on more than one occasion and only half jokingly.

In fact, we write most of our blog posts with a kitty in our lap, and still it didn't ever occur to us to dedicate a whole blog post to what we consider to be the best relaxing companions ever. Well, until now that is.

We stocked up some new cat-print dresses in the store, and used them as inspiration to feel all kinds of lovely as the days get colder and we start spending more time indoors with a cup of tea, a good book and a cat in our lap. It would be just too easy to get in a frumpy sweater and some slacks and hibernate until spring, but we pinup gals are made of sterner stuff!

We don't know about you, but a wiggle dress is always bound to improve our mood, and this kitten print one is just what the doctor ordered.  With a cool blue paired with chic black, this very vamp dress gets a new, playful side thanks to the playful kittens chasing yarn on it! Pair with gold and black details for a very classical look.

Speaking of classical- seamed stockings! We picked up a pair of black RHT stockings with a red seam, because frankly, what can suit a dress of red and black better? We knew this playful and cute dress needed just that extra little something to push it into the vamp direction, and we found it with red nail polish, black stiletto booties and a ring from our sister site.

But sometimes, you just want to go for the classics.  A front tie top is just the perfect match fr this black skirt adorned with a pink and purple kitten pattern. We added a polka dot bandana for that proper vintage look and a pair of cluster earrings to match the skirt pattern colours.

We totally ran wild with pink here. Pink earrings, pink cardigan, pink lipstick and even pink sunglasses to perfectly set off the powder blue dress and heels. This soft coloured dress can only benefit from bolder accent pieces as it brings out the unique combo of playfulness and elegance in it. Just like a cat, when you think about it!

Don't forget you can see all the details of the sets on our polyvore page!

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