Saturday, 24 November 2012

Lucille Ball at Rockabilly Pin Up!

One of the most unlikeliest pin ups girls of the 1950's has to be Lucille Ball. An actress, model and comedienne who was well known for her sharp tongue and even sharper wit. So much so that she even had her own TV Show: 'I Love Lucy' which ran for most of the 1950's. A bit hit at the time, it is still as popular as ever with 'I Love Lucy' conventions happening all over the world. The world couldn't get enough of Lucille's wisecracks! But what her fans also loved was her style. If you are ever lucky to catch a snippet of the show online or even on television you will see that 1950's housewife style in its most purest form!

Lucille Ball had it down to a fine art! So what does this look compromise off? Well the 'Housewife' part may make it seem dull but it's anything but! Sure it's the opposite of the more revealing 'Pin Up' look of the same era, but its vintage style at its finest!

Think long three quarter length skirts, floral fitted blouses tucked into a high waisted skirt-bright polka dots, pretty gingham prints, bold black and white nautical stripes along with bright red lips and a pretty patterned head scarf tied in a turban like style. Everything about this look is vibrant and active! With all these elements in common with Rockabilly no wonder it's just as hot! Rockabilly Pin Up have some amazing pieces for your quintessential Lucielle Ball/ 50's housewife look:

Blue Atomic City Revere Pencil Dress by Limb

Like in 'I Love Lucy' do you find that guests are always dropping by unexpectedly? Perhaps they are expecting to see you in your dirty overalls on your knees giving that floor a good ole scrub? It doesn't have to be that way and you can look hot while hoovering! With a very space age 1950's print, the large lapel collars and apron style tie belt you can't get more Lucille Ball than this dress! With cute fitted half sleeves and that pinched in waistline you have an outfit perfect to receive those unexpected guests in.

Bridget Bombshell Polka Dot Dress by Folter
Polka dots are great whether on your punky Rock and Roll dress but also as part of your quirky 'stay at home' style. This knee length number from Folter is a very cute example! Sleeveless with a dainty ruffle necked design, its superb when serving those tiny little canapes to all your dinner party guests! The Bridget Bombshell Polka Dot Dress is the very 'I Love Lucy'!   

Lura Red Dress by Stop Staring

Now red was undoubtedly Lucille Ball's colour: With her signature bright auburn locks tied back in a quirky up do and matching flame red lips. One of the most vibrant shades here at Rockabilly Pin Up, it looks simply stunning with that victory roll hairdo. Regardless of whether you are a blonde, brunette or have Lucy-like red locks, add a splash of life into your housewife styled wardrobe with any of the scarlet outfits at Rockabilly Pin Up. 

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