Saturday, 15 December 2012

Alchemy UL17 at Rockabilly Pinup

Alchemy's UL17 range is a stunning collection of Angelic Accessories designed to accompany and enrich your rockabilly pinup outfit.  This range of rockabilly themed jewellery is inspired by tattoo art, so you will find swallows, skulls, red roses, winged hearts and tattoo guns adorning gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  The festive season is almost upon us, but you have time to place your order to receive these beautiful stocking fillers to brighten the day of your rockabilly gal.

Pendant necklaces
ULFP1 Swallow Heart
ULFP3 Painted Lady
ULFP7 Bow Belles
ULFP9 Love Bones
ULFP10 Skullrose
ULFP12 I love, I hate
ULFP13 Swallow Love Pendant
ULFP14 El Corazon
ULFP15 Rose Heart

ULFE1 Cursed Studs
ULFE3 Tattoo Gun
ULFE4 Swallow
ULFE5 Live Now
ULFE9 Poison no17
ULFE10 Bad Luck
ULFE11 Bow Belles
ULFE12 Forbidden Fruit
ULFE13 Love Bones
ULFE14 Pirate Ear Stud
ULFE15 El Corazon
ULFE16 Anchors Away

ULFA1 Love Life
ULFA2 Bow Belles
ULFA3 Rosa de Azucar
ULFA4 Sailor's Pledge

Click here to find the entire collection of Alchemy UL17 that is currently in stock.  All items are dispatched within 24 hours on weekdays

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