Saturday, 8 December 2012

Guide To Rockabilly for Beginners - Part One

Are you new to the Rockabilly style? Don't know quite where to start? Perhaps you are trying to get your friends into it? It's easy for Rockabilly newbies to feel confused at the start of their style journey. There are so many great elements to the look, Rockabilly in a nutshell is a mixture of the feminine 1950's style, of all things sexy and patterned, the vintage pin up looks of yesteryear along with a huge dollop of the alternative.

Your Rockabilly look is tailored around you- your shape, your tattoos and piercings, and most of all your sense of spirit! 

Rockabilly is a style that can be worn by any one at any age. How do you get that style for yourself? It's simple, take your inspirations from our Rockabilly Motifs. These are delicate little accents that will nearly always turn up on any great retro outfit.

Hearts: One of the most quirky little elements around. Whether it's on clothing or your jewels, the heart is a powerful symbol. Courage as well as Love, the heart can stand for so much. Perhaps it has a personal meaning for you? Rockabilly hearts are special-go for cute and pretty when adding hearts to your outfit.
El Corazon Winged Blue Heart Earrings by UL17  Alchemy
Polka Dots: This delicate dress detail can add tons of cool shabby chic aspect. Its a strong Rockabilly element and you will find that so many outfits will include them somewhere. The Polka dot pattern like all other vintage patterns have been around forever. It reminds one of that real 1950's housewife look. Don't have any Polka Dots on your dress? Add a pretty dotty sash or wrap around belt. Perfect example is this gorgeous headband, you have the polka dots with the fabulous florals!

Autumn Vintage Rose Hairband with Burgundy Polkadots 
Skulls: All our Rockabilly girls know that those skull and cross bone motifs don't have to be associated with death or dying. They can be so much more fun then that! Think the sugar skulls that have been inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead. Bright and colorful with those unmistakable  Rocka roses that surround the bones. The skull links all things Rockabilly with the Gothic for a really cute fluffy take on the look.

Sailor Skull on Blue White Stripes Oversize Crop T-Shirt
Bows: Once the sole reserve of Minnie Mouse fans everywhere, the bow is now hotter than ever. Whether you have a big bow at the bottom of your fitted corset or as a detail on your large retro bouffant style hairdo- the Bow is the rockabilly aspect to be seen in. We have seen Katy Perry really rock the pretty pastel pink candy girl look. It's adds a sort of girly sweetness to your outfit, so its top marks for bows this season!

Cherry Explosion Sparkle Bow Hair Clip at Rockabilly Pin Up
Anchors: The international sea faring motifs are so Rockabilly it's unreal! No longer just seen as manly tattoos on all those burly sexy sailor men: Oh no siree! Us gals have gotten in on the nautical action with our anchors too! Rockabilly Pin Up have Anchors covered! They are stylish when worn everywhere- as part of a ship inspired  everything from those cute little dresses to delicate and pretty jeweled pieces. Team yours with some sailor stripes for the perfect sea girl look!

Black Anchor Sailor Necklace 

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