Friday, 27 November 2015

Swing it!

As colder weather sets in, you might find yourself reaching for trousers and tighter skirts, sighing as you pack away all your beautiful and playful swing skirts, leaving perhaps only one or two special occasion dresses.
We used to do that for years, until it occurred to us- why shouldn't winter be a swinging season? After all, we wear our wiggle dresses with opaque tights and boots, what's to stop us from doing the same with our swing dresses?  This year we decided to keep our swing dresses where they belong, and paired them with strong, bold colours to chase away the winter gloom.

Hot cakes features one of our favourite dresses, and the moment we thought about the perfect match for it, we knew everything had to be hot pink!  Yum!

Hot Cakes

This next dress just made us think of mint-crisp winter mornings and hot orange tea our grandma used to make. We added spicy tights and and a fresh cardigan, but we kept the booties a little more sensible, so grandma won't disapprove ;)

Orange and Mint Tea

But it's not just dresses that have that special swing to them! Skirts can be just as versatile and just as comfy to wear in the winter!  A gentle pink can be paired with greys for a romantic wintry feel without going into drab colouring or looking too childish.  We added bolder pink makeup to this pastel coloured skirt and mixed our shades of grey to give the outfit a grown up, sophisticated feel.

Pink and Grey
It usually takes us a bit of time until we fall in love with Lady Winter all over again.  But when we rediscover our love, we like to celebrate it! You'll be a proper Ice Queen in this black and icy blue outfit,  but the hot red lips hint at the burning fires beneath your cool exterior!

Ice Queen
How do you feel about winter? Do you prefer to spend it  with a hot drink by the fireplace, or are you out chasing snow flakes?

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